Journal - Trent - Entry 30

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We rested in the famed Hanging Gardens of Babylon. They really were a beautiful place, though they would’ve been better had there been less chaos from the city around us. After a few hours of resting we set off to find where Moomoo could be in this place. Near the top of the structure Pall Mall’s familiar found a smokestack.

We investigated and eventually found a door and a keypad. After trying some other methods, Pall Mall entered the code that he had used to activate the door that led into and out of the prison we had encountered in Tolkeen. THe door opened and everyone else entered the place. I hung back a few moments with Jescha, so I could use retro-viewing on the keypad and learn the code myself.

I will NOT be beholden to that Sowki in any way!

On the other side of the door we found Splugorth minions! They were about as shocked to see us as we were to see them. The workbenches there were around were all littered with various types of early technological devices. Another minion came into the room carrying cookies (of all things – cookies???) on a tray, and dropped the tray in surprise. McGreggor caught most of the cookies before they hit the floor and then ate them all.

Sometimes I wonder, if anyone else is actually reading these entries, as to what they must think when I write things like that. I wish I could do the event justice. It happened. It was every bit as ridiculous and awesome as your imagination could let it be, and it was true.

By this time I had come to the realization that my temporal sense was telling me we were in another time-altered dimensional space, one where time was very slow – about as slow as in the Tolkeen Library prison. I did let the group know but I didn’t let myself get too worried this time – Jescha was with me, that was all that mattered at the time. An alarm went off to announce there were intruders, and Moomoo himself actually graced us with his presence. I’m not ashamed to admit to being exceptionally proud when Moomoo failed to recognize us, and remembered no such conversation where he invited us to visit this place.

But what does that mean for us, and where we are? Or when we are? If time-travel to the past is still impossible, then this must be an alternate universe version of Moomoo. But do these beings even have alternate versions of themselves? Can I reconcile this? I’ve tried to envision a fourth-dimensional model of temporal flow that would allow for time travel, but it’s so much untested theory that I can’t commit to it yet.

Still, if it were possible to jump back and forth in time! Or to skip back in time, and then travel the timestream forward! What wonders could be experienced? What treasure could be obtained? What changes could be made?

I must confess, I spent much of the time we were with Moomoo thinking about this, and only half-heartily paying attention to what was going on. At one point Moomoo threatened to kill James. We also found he was holding Sonja, believing she had stolen something from him. It was an errie parallel to when we saw his future/other self interrogating the Pandemonium. Only this time, it was a crown that had been stolen.

He had made a crown for a king, and it was stolen, and he wanted it back. He would accept nothing we could say as proof that Sonja was not a Deevil, and basically we needed to find the crown again ourselves in order for him to let her go. We did manage to prove to him that his laboratory there was time-altered, since when he stepped outside he had the realization that a significant amount of time had passed – more than he had believed.

I had to use the Deevil subordinate/child amulet I wear to remember this information, and in so doing I noticed something I missed when I was there. The companion to the star map I copied (twice) out of the throne room was in Moomoo’s lair! It was in my field of view a few times, and I think I can reconstruct it three-dimensionally – that will allow us to use it with the starmap in order to determine the eighth location referred to, but not able to be discerned with just the map alone!

Of course, I got ahead of myself there a bit. My next entry will expand on that.

We left Moomoo and traveled to where Pall Mall had last left the woman who was wearing the crown. On the way we visited the village where Pall Mall’s new servant was from. We found here there, dead of old age – it seemed we took a little too long in Moomoo’s pocket dimension and more time then expected had passed out here. Or maybe it was a combination of our time spent away, and the temporal disturbances that seem to be plaguing this place (or era?).

We fought some sand worms as we kept going towards this underground shrine place Pall Mall remembered. We got there, but encountered two different groups of Chaos Demons. In the second group, we found a Demon Lord and a World Slayer demon! We were able to defeat all but the World Slayer demon, who James “rescued” from a sacrificial alter and then dimensionally teleported away.

Once all these demons were dealt with we explored the rest of the place. We found a dead woman wearing the crown, which I picked up carefully and stored in a dimensional pocket. Someone identified her as a “widow,” which seemed an interesting coincidence considering the spider-demon also called herself “Widow.”

More excitingly, we discovered a secret passage and room that held some sort of concentrated ley-line energy, and some jewelry which seemed to be made of a special, rare, magical metal. I stored those away as well, for further study. There was also a tarot card deck in this place, something which I was told was “out of place” for this sort of time.

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Journal - Trent - Entry 30

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