Journal - Trent - Entry 44

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Bex put together and sent me a technical manual for the Deevil’s device, based on what she could understand of it. Of significance is that it seems the machines can be controlled or operated through a remote technological method, and that they are filling up on “good” energy and spitting back out the “bad” – this would seem to me to be this “taint” on potential psychic energy that has been affecting us. I’ve outlined her findings below:

  • The machine is a product of archaic technology, estimated to be Pre-Apocalypse by almost 170 years. * The machine does not have the capability to start on its own, but once started appears to be self-sufficient.
  • The machine generates and conducts electricity that it uses to power centrifugal turbine to which a giant crystalline structure called the “apex array” is attached and allowed to oscillate at varying degrees for range of motion.
  • The “apex array” is a collection of gems and crystals (Jeremejevite, Black Opal, Red Beryl Emerald, Musgravite, Grandidierite, Painite, Blue Garnet, Serendibite, Red Diamond, and Jadeite) that is arranged in such a manner as to focus the energy. The machine is able to produce a portal of some kind that appeared to emanate from this array of crystals as it was spun at extremely high variable velocities — upwards of three and four times the speed of sound. There was some kind of throttling mechanic or governor controlling the speed
  • The machine stores vast amounts of this energy in capacitor-like modules. This energy is NOT any form of current or electricity. This energy appears to be siphoned from an “otherworldly” source and its properties are unknown. It behaves in some ways like electricity… or a meta-physical form of energy.
  • For a more complete diagnostic, a techno-wizard who can be trusted should be consulted.
  • The machine clearly creates a portal to Rifts earth from its home dimension of Dyval. Whether or not Dyval was always its home dimension is unknown.
  • The machine has been operating for what appears to be circa 400 years and in operation through the apocalypse. Estimated time of construction 1930. Stamped / machined / pressed part numbers, product codes, and engineer-stamps in the German language.
  • Its inability to toggle on / off indicates a “fire-and-forget” construction. Starting the process clearly takes incredible amounts of energy and it doesn’t appear to have been designed with an “off” switch. Conclusion: It was meant to run forever… or until “something” occurred.
  • There are an unknown number of other near-identical rigs that are “daisy-chained” through a system of antiquated H/F radio-audio signals replicated on very low frequency to ensure reception. Conjecture: There are a large number of circuits, designed to serve all areas in which the rigs operate, consisted of regular circuits, convoy circuits, and special circuits.
  • The source of energy appears to be unending. There is a constant “surplus” of energy that back-feeds into the “grid.” If these rigs are somehow siphoning something, separating the energy, distilling good from bad… is unknown. The surplus bleeds off, fills the capacitors to maximum capacity and bleeds back into the matrix.
  • The rigs can be controlled remotely through H/F signals. The “daisy-chain” is indicative of a synchronized purpose.

In my search for non-magical weapons (and specifically fragmentation missiles and grenades which are laced with Cold Iron), I have met with mixed success. It seems I was able to acquire the basic weapons, but this design thought I had does not yet exist and the only competent weapons modifier I could find is out of town and is apparently linked through the black market to a man with the initials “S.B.” Coincidence that these initials work for “Sturm Brightblade?” Hmm…

Something is wrong with the Megaverse. My untethered dimensional envelopes are unraveling much quicker than anticipated. Some are still stable, while others have disappeared entirely. It’s as if the space between dimensions is instead a space between black holes, which suck in those envelopes that get too “close.” While some of my dimensions still seem to exist, I can no longer rely on them being there when I need them – and I’m terrified of what might happen if I’m in one as it’s ending!

So, it would seem that I am reduced to the Pall Mall level of magic, and relying on Time Holes for accelerated time. For travel I will need to use the dimensional envelopes which I have kept tethered to this dimension – they have shown no signs of instabilities or degradation.

The taint on magical energy is real! Well, I knew it was real already, that’s why I made up all those letters. But I tested several theories and I’m pleasantly surprised with the results. Well, almost pleasantly.

Empty of magical energy, I transported myself into a Time Hole – a separate dimension with accelerated time which has no connection to ley lines or other magical energy. I made sure I brought no additional magical energy with me directly, so as to keep the space as taint-free as possible. In this Time Hole I meditated naturally to build up my own energy reserves and put that energy into storage devices and energy spheres. I then went to visit with Jaena Slayne.

Jaena. I know there’s other Techno-Wizards in this town, and she has this weird obsession with me, but I’ve tried going to other Techno-Wizards and frankly I think she really knows her stuff compared to the others. If there’s anyone I feel I can come closest to trusting (not that I can trust anyone, really) to investigate and discover the nature of this problem, it’d be her.

I discussed with her my theories about the taint on magical energy; its infusion within the ley lines and it’s visibility at nexus points. I didn’t dare tell her yet about the Deevil devices causing it, though. She wondered what could be done for her brother, and I offered up that Pucaran Witch Doctor in Africa as a possible person to turn to – but I tried not to get her hopes up. She had a lot of questions, some of which I couldn’t answer, and others I could I wasn’t ready to answer just yet. She requested some magical energy weapon clips full of my “taint-free” energy for her to use as a comparison to regular energy.

Of course there was a price. I acquiesced and helped her with the creation of a techno-wizard item that will slow time, using the Time Warp: Slow Motion temporal magic spell. Out of all the options she presented, it really was the lesser of all the available evils. I will just have to deal with the consequences of this, as I deal with the consequences of all my decisions, even the ones I don’t remember making!

Jaena took some time to investigate, and then sent me a letter. Rather than try to do it a disservice by summarizing it, I have included it in between the pages of this journal. Bottom line: She found the taint (My theories are right!), and discovered that the Coalition is engaging in techno-wizardry (The Vanguard?)

Also, why is she calling me Doctor Logan also? Why have I been hearing this more and more? I am no more a Doctor than James is a god.

What I discovered in the Time Hole emboldened me. I went back, and spent some time making more magical trinkets, scrolls, and re-empowering the ones I have been using. I feel like I’m more ready to face the future now.

I wasn’t too terribly surprised to run into ‘Cady again here, in Lazlo, as I tried to accomplish all the goals I set for myself during this time. But she was sure surprised to see me! She very obviously did not expect me to come over and talk to her, so I kept our conversation brief. The whole time she looked like she wanted to run away and hide. She didn’t have much more to say to me about her family, though, which I guess is good. Because she seemed troubled by something I gave her one of my mystic alarm figurines to use if she should ever need my help – I told her I would do my best to come straight away if she used it. She thanked me quietly and then left as quickly as she could. I was tempted to follow, to see what was going on with her… but there’s so much else on my plate right now. I just hope that whatever is going on, it works out well in her favor.

It seems my new ally, Zander, has also joined the Magic Guild and decided to do his tour of duty right away. What a great resource he has become! His astronomical knowledge helped us better define when “the stars” would be right again for a recreation of the apocalypse with the Deevil machines. He confirmed about three years was when it could be right, but there’s so many unknowns really that it’s hard to say for sure, even with his advanced skill in the subject.

He’s also started scouting out some of the nexus points that may or may not have Deevil devices at them, in order to give us information on what we may find there. While he’s travelling, I also gave him a list of items to try and obtain from other towns, since I had trouble finding them in Lazlo and just didn’t have the time to “shop around.” It’s costing me some money, but Zander’s abilities have been proving quite useful.

I’ve talked with all my companions, friends, and those who this letter would concern; save for Jescha. She left, apparently, to help the Coalition and the Vanguard to survive the Minion War, and the way Nº One described her… It’s as if she’s pregnant? Well, I would hope that if that was the case she would’ve said something to me, so I don’t know what to believe.

Almost everyone I talked with believed the letter was worth posting, and we all discussed the possible ramifications. Though I can barely trust them all, it’s good to have gotten their opinions. Pall Mall, however, seemed “stuck” in the idea that we should gather a fucking army in secret and hit all these portals simultaneously. Great idea, Pall – too bad your attack on the portal in England ruined any chance for that plan to be a success! I mean, for Time’s sake! He then acted as if I was the one who was holding back this plan – I’m sorry (not really), but if you wanted to do this Pall Mall, what’s stopping you? He’s never needed anyone’s permission before. Maybe I should be less angry about this – after all, it could be a manifestation of the taint coming through that has made him act this way.

Pall Mall did have a good idea though, one that I hope we can alter and explore properly. Should we go back in time again, we can go forward under my own power and stop these machines in the past! His intention was to stop them from ever being activated, but despite his intelligence he just couldn’t understand the concept of paradox! I think it would be a better plan to go forward to the time when we did our disasterous attack on the Winstead nexus, and simultaneously attack the other devices then! Very little chance of Paradox there. Pall Mall’s idea is exactly why I hold back my mystic knowledge from Jaena and her TW devices – that kind of power, in the hands of someone as clueless about time as Pall Mall… The universe would never stand a chance.

Nº One also talked to me about his thoughts regarding the future journal. He read it through, and he remembered meeting the being known as Rhadamanthus. Apparantly he came to look for “a friend” at a shrine to Zurvan that Nº One was at. Rhadamanthus seemed to recognize Nº One, but then realized it wasn’t who he was looking for. He said he was looking for a man who had mastered the element of time. I wonder if the others from that journal are also out there, somewhere?

This morning I am to reconvene with my companions. This morning I will travel via the Magic Guild and post the copies of this letter to the 20 guild locations on this planet that I know about. Time only knows how this will play out.

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Journal - Trent - Entry 44

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