Journal - Trent - Entry 49

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I can be upset all I want but – in the end, I only have myself to blame.

Letters have been coming in. How are they finding me, if I took the time to enchant the inside of this vehicle with the Sanctum spell? Because the Sanctum spell was only set up to cover the interior of the research/living area, not the cab – and the cab is where I’ve been spending much of my time.

See? My fault.

But there’s plenty of other things to blame on me as well.

The first letter I got was signed from some stranger named Jatarri Windstalker. I didn’t know the person, so naturally I asked James to perform a psychic Object Read on it and see what he coudl glean. He described a young hatchling dragon – a royal frilled, I believe. But to my surprise Zander actually recognized her! Why Zander’s friend sent me such a letter… I don’t know.

They “intercepted” a letter and then sent it to me. It was interesting, and I’m glad they sent it! For whatever good it will do… it mentions the Larhold of South America, their control of four out of five “important” super nexuses, and Rasputin! They were sending re-inforcements to Rasputin! I suspect that means we can look forward to meeting this mythological figure once we reach the super-nexus in Mongolia? I hope not.

The next letter I received was… well, it was from Boz. He sounds about as insane as Nº Six did, but it’s probably all a part of his act. The letter though contained a formula which he “claimed” would unlock my missing memories of my past…

I was a fool, of course.

I believed in the possibility that what he wrote was right, and that this was everything I had wanted. Of course it wasn’t! Instead it seems that it unlocked, or implanted, some very disturbing memories within me, and they don’t seem like they can all possibly be mine! It hardly makes sense, these memories hardly make sense, but as best I can I will write out what solid knowledge they provide, however strange it may be:

Boz invoked a variant of the Id Alter Ego spell in conjunction with Id Self spell and sent himself to the seven parallel Rifts Earth dimensions. Within every set of eight dimensions there are two that are invariably similar – the octaves. Seven Rifts Earths have been destroyed before this – each in a different way – I am the only being that I know if to have survived the collapse of multiple home dimensions by gathering all the alternate versions of myself together… here and witnessing the destruction/collapse of those dimensions each time. Then somehow, magic and psionics like “Transfer Knowledge,” “Transfer Essence,” “Mind bond,” “Mind wipe,” “Total Recall,” “Bleed Memories,” and other abilities in objects like the Deevil amulets and the Lobotomizer scalpel… or something similar were used.

Boz has pieced together the plan that ignites the Megaverse In Flames…

The Enclave is all that is left of the remaining seven dimensions that have been pillaged and destroyed. Those whose dimensions are gone are experiencing a type of “withering” disease that will slowly but surely kill them in the order which they were pulled from their home dimensions – it started once their home dimensions were destroyed. It is just a matter of time before all the members of the Enclave, except the one from this dimension, the last version of Rifts Earth that is left, wither away and die like Nº Six.

The causes of destruction for each of the seven dimensions was a zombie-plague, the splicer plague, armageddon chaos generators, a Dominator black hole generator, the manifestation and invasion of Nxla, the awakening of an Old One, and Prometheans somehow “tricked” – every time, Chaos won. There are Time-Hopping Dimension-Jumpers who, apparently, are after these memories – they may be the key to winning. These invaders are the only ones who can find my memories. They are employed by Chaos… as agents of the Temporal Elemental Maelstrom – the Quintessential Chaos.

Whew. It almost hurts to try and get all those disjointed thoughts down. I still don’t feel like they are encompassing everything, but this is the best I can do for now. In the letter Boz wrote “Unraveling this dimension of the mind – this memory prison – it is all you have hoped for. I hope you are prepared for the answers you sought. That prison is the only thing that has kept you alive… kept them from finding you. A partitioned portion of our minds cut away and left to die with the other seven. Chaos has prevailed seven other times. This is my last chance. Perhaps we will meet again, in another life, when we are both cats.”

What the fuck, Boz. What. The. Fuck?

I’m tired of that nonsense. As I said, I have no-one to blame byut myself. As I write this I’ve so far received interesting letters from several others as well – letters that were much easier to deal with, though not necessarilyl good.

‘Cady, Nº One, Erin Tarn, Korbin and Jaena Slayne, Tyvernos, Zurvan (!) and Tanya. Warnings, mad ramblings, concern, updates, questions… and it all stems from the letter I posted all over the world. I knew there were be reactions, but I didn’t quite expect some of this stuff. I mean, ’Cady – she wrote out her True Name in her letter to me! And the god Zurvan (or someone pretending to be equally cryptic who signed his name) talking, amongst other things, about something terrible from “without.”

I will respond to a few of them. ‘Cady and Nº One deserve to hear back from me. Korbin, still as mad as ever with his talk of “Elemental Time,” asked me to let Jaena know he was leaving, so I will do that – if for no other reason than it will probably frustrate Jaena to get a reply from me that completely ignores her letter! Erin Tarn I will likely visit briefly, and while I’m back there I can pick up whatever it is Tanya said she left for me – although I still don’t quite know what to make of her. The letters I received, of course, I’ll stick in between the pages after this entry.

These people who wrote me, they’ve given me a lot to think about. This long journey is a good opportunity to come to grips with all those thoughts and what they might mean. I mean, I’ve thought for a as long as I believe I remember that I was the archetect of my own destiny – but now? Has my fate been set for me? Am I a pawn on some weird, multi-dimensional chess board? What good are the plans I create and act upon if they’re really a part of some other, grander plan?

Can I change any of this?

I don’t think I can continue to keep all this from my companions. I’ve already told them about some of these letters, I think it’s time I told them everything – if they want to hear it, that is! But as long as we travel together I potentially expose them to all the trouble I’ve brought upon myself, so I should make sure they understand. I may even have to take my leave, and deal with this privately. But if I do that… would I be following in future/past/alternate Trent’s footsteps? Is that what “they” want me to do? It’s maddening!

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Journal - Trent - Entry 49

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