Journal - Trent - Entry 51

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Where was I? Oh right, making a big mistake.

It was in the back of my mind at the time, but I didn’t dwell on it, which is too bad. WHY was there an ancient Greek/Egyptian temple here, now, in the middle of Russia? WHY was it filled with the powerful weapons of war from another dimension? It’s obvious to me now, of course. Because the dimensional fabric there was so weak, it was almost non-existant. With the collapse of other dimensions, it’s no surprise to me now that we’re seeing issues like this in this dimension.

But my mistake? To abuse time magic in a place like that. Especially Time Stop spells. They… how do I put this so the casual reader can understand? Think of the dimension of space like a piece of chewing gum. It is normally stretched – under tension as it is pulled in all directions by time. This area where the temple was, it was in a place where the gum was exceptionally thin. And what the Time Stop did, it takes a part of that thin piece and holds it in place, while the area around it continues to be stretched.

NOW do you see the problem? Well, I don’t care if you do or don’t anymore. It’s not my issue if you can’t fathom this. With the duration of my spells approaching I recast the time stop spells over the areas where it was already active. My plan… my intention was to give us a little more time to get everything out safely. Instead, the final spell I cast was the last straw for the area. I could feel it start… well let’s just say I felt the beginning of a Temporal Anomaly starting to form.

What I knew at the time was, this was likely very bad. We had mere seconds before whatever was going to happen would happen, and I knew we needed to be as far away as possible before that occured. I yelled very strongly at Helldamn and James to grab the weapons they picked and GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE! I picked one up as well, that based on James’ observations would match my own ethics. James and Helldamn sailed right out of the temple and back to the waiting Rugar and surviving Gypsies. I tried to leave by the weapon I chose stopped at the barrier, halting me in my tracks.

To my horror, the temporal anomaly resolved into some sort of portal that allowed creatures I had never seen before to enter our world, THROUGH AN ACTIVE TIME STOP EFFECT. They spoke a bizarre language, but with the magic of the Tongues spell still active on me I could hear and understand them, even this far away. They looked around and noted that what they were seeing was definately the work of the “Doctor.” I could still pretend, even then, that they meant someone or something else. THen another announced they were getting closer to Trent Logan. To ME.

I would not say I panicked, but thank all the benevolent forces of causality that I was still mystically invisible, so they were unable to notice me. I pulled at the sword in my hand against the mystic barrier of the temple, and while she begged me to take her with me I retorted mentally that she was welcome to come, all she had to do was bond with me and we could leave. If she did not, I would leave her because I had no more time left with which to find a solution to this dilemma. I pulled for a final time, with her voice sobbing and shouting in my head, and I could feel the fabric of time and space start to twist because of the growing anomaly.

Did I get that across, earlier? The anomaly wasn’t the arrival of these beings that seemed to be looking for me. No, these beings arrived THROUGH the formed anomaly!

That twisting of space as I pulled allowed the weapon – I know her name is Lytsong now – it allowed her to exit with me, and I wasted no more time in getting the fuck out of there! I cancelled the Time Stop spells which had caused this problem as soon as I started moving again. The sounds of shouting and combat filled my ears but faded away as I ran. Lytsong started trying to talk to me but I very panickly told her that NOW was not the TIME, and we needed to SURVIVE and THEN we could TALK. She was silent after that. As I ran back to the group I shouted at them to get in gear and leave, NOW!

Within only a few moments after we starting riging away at top speed, a wind started picking up. The others described it, but I dared not look behind and show my face to any of those creatures who might have been looking. THey described a void of darkness and energy expand out to encompass the temple,and suck in everything around it like a gapinig hole. We could see the landscape around us start to deteriorate, being sucked in, but we kept running and managed to outrun the radius of this effect.

Now, if only I could harness this tactic as a weapon against our enemies. But I don’t dare!

We traveled for a bit and then turned to begin a wide arc back the direction we were originally going, but also giving whatever was left of the temple area a wide berth. I used illusion magic to mask our trail, and lay a false trail going North. If any of the Deevils, or those things managed to somehow still be around, I hoped what I did would give us a buffer or even better, lose them completely from our trail!

I haven’t had this much temporal excitement since Nusael and I encountered that pack of Nexus Spiders! Oh, Nusael, you had no idea that I could hide my magical essence with a thought! He thought he was leading me into a trap but who was stuck in the webbing and had to be rescued? I’ll give you a hint, there were two of us, and it wasn’t ME that fell victim to his own stupid trick! Ha!

When Magnus came to he was just business as usual. He didn’t seem to care at all that he was down to two Gypsy helpers, out of the original 10 he started with. This is one cold guy. Did I mention that since he had powers like those kids Zander and I met, and since he seemed to come from another time and place, I asked him what he knew about the Church of Unity? He recognized it and described it basically as a cult that drew in people with powers by making them believe they were chosen and special. So, that was great news. Those kids we met were basically religious fanatics, if what Magnus told us can be believed.

I spent the time to get to learn about Lytsong. She was pretty straightforward with what she could do, and she definately posessed useful abilities to help in our mission. She mentioned a curse that would slowly destroy my posessions, but I keep most of my things in dimensional pockets so I’m sure it’s managable, especially with the repair spell “Mend the Broken,” which I know. So yeah, great. Welcome to the team, Lytsong. You wanted to do good in the world? I’ll give you your chance. You’ll certainly do good for me.

It seemed Helldamn was doing something similar with his own weapon? It’s hard to say, the Sowki’s so weird and mysterious at times. James, meanwhile, had managed to grab TWO weapons from the temple and was essentially having a three-way argument with them all. I retreated to my bunk – there wasn’t much else I dared do right now, in case those creatures could somehow sense my magic. Were those the beings hinted at in the letters from Boz and Zurvan? I don’t know.

But speaking of those letters, when things calmed down enough I shared them with the others. They all had the same reaction – “You have a kid?” Idiots. If that lie was true then Jescha would’ve told me herself. She knew how to reach me. I was tired of Boz’s lies, and those memories now in my head. THey still don’t make any sense. But the others, right. They asked about the memories in the amulets. THose Deevil amulets. I had of course kept the memories intact in the one I have been almost constantly wearing, since we left Tolkeen. I didn’t dare take out the Master amulet to let them instantly bond with the memories, but at this point…

Well, I guess I felt it was about time I let them in on that secret. About the Black Vault, about Tr’nalith’s involvement, the slaughter in the library… I passed the amulet to each of them, in turn, and allowed them to witness the events first hand, as I had. Meanwhile, I am still not sure about these amulets. Boz made a big deal out of them – I’ve already wiped the memories from the one amulet, the one I load James occasionally. But the “Child” amulet… should I erase those memories too? And more specifically, if Boz or his minions will try to come after them now… I think I should finally erase the memories of my own that have been captured within.

As valuable a tool as they have become, if those memories of my experiences since Tolkeen fall into the wrong hands, they will become a bigger liability than I can possibly plan for. How many innocents could get hurt? All my secret places, the uses of magic I’ve discovered… I will meditate on this.

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Journal - Trent - Entry 51

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