Journal - Trent - Entry 53

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Lytsong doesn’t come with just a curse, she comes with a fucking nightmare! I meditated through the night, and in the morning the special under-armor I found and have been wearing, plus the cloak that Jescha gave me, were completely destroyed! They were no more than tattered rags, littering the bunk and the floor around me.

ALL my things have deteriorated, but nothing as dramatic as that. My regular armor, the concealed stuff I had enchanted on my way to Tolkeen, had some minor deterioration. But that cloak? GONE. My last line of armor defense, the stealth armor I enchanted with a Lifeward? GONE. If I could have destroyed a rune weapon, the Multiverse would be one less Rune weapon short this morning!

I grabbed her and immediately she was crying, sobbing in my mind. I started to tell her that our partnership was through, her curse was too much, and she seemed to tearily accept that. She replied that my reaction was the same reaction she’s gotten from nearly everyone else who had tried to use her.

I think that sobered me up a bit. Being compared to everyone else. I mean, I’m Trent fucking Logan. I don’t even let TIME get in my goddam way. Was I going to back away from such a valuable asset? One that had begged me to free it from prison, and put her to use as a force for good in a world being beseiged by evil and chaos? And well, she played on my sympathy too. I ammended my statement to tell her that we would be through, unless we could find a way to manage this curse of hers.

I tried using the magic I knew that would Remove Curse – I cast it on the weapon, and on myself, but it seemed to have no effect. Well, it did drain the last of my energy spheres to nothing. I was now out of clean magical energy. I decided I needed to risk using my magic again. First I gave James one of my Mystic Alarm contact figures so he could get my attention if there was an emergency of some kind. I then went into the gas barrel filled dimensional envelope in the truck, and from there I created a Time Hole.

Inside the Time Hole I’d have more time to think on this problem with Lytsong. Also, it was free of Ley Line energy and the taint that comes with it, so I’d be able to make another Energy Sphere. Lastly, it wasn’t one of my unstable accelerated time dimensional spaces, which I can no longer count on. So I got to work.

Lytsong shared some interesting knowledge, and I think she shared a little more than she meant to. She’s a Dwarf, or at least was, which is itself odd – while I’m not an encyclopedia of Rune item knowledge, I am pretty sure I’ve never heard of a female Dwarf in a Rune item before. She told me that her forgers deliberately made the curse that she has, which is curious. Was what happened to her a punishment, I wonder? I suspect maybe, since she professes that one of her wielders in the past was an Elven woman, and she speaks highly of her. Very unusual, I would imagine, for a Dwarven weapon from this time, so I wonder – did she somehow betray her Dwarven brethern? She won’t tell me more about her history yet, so I have let her keep her secrets.

She did remark on a rune robe this Elven woman wore as she championed good across the land. This robe not only did not suffer from the effects of the curse, but it protected all the protections of the Elven woman! She described this robe and it sounded a lot like the robe I consistently see Boz wear, but then again I’ve been tricked by this before. After all, it seemed like just about every woman in Ancient Babylon “looked like” Ishtar – but of course, only one was, and by the time we realized who she was, she was dead.

Hmm… Ancient Babylon. I’ve still been holding on to that crown, hoping to find a braindead woman who I can transfer Shamhat’s spirit into. I doubt she’ll thank me, but I don’t know how else to free her without trapping another soul.

Which also reminds me, doesn’t both James and Helldamn (the Sowki formerly known as Pall Mall) each know a being who knows about rune magic? I wonder… what would their thoughts be if they examined the crown? Even better – would they be able to remove the curse on Lytsong?! It’s too bad Pall Mall made his former lair so difficult to get to, otherwise I could just go there right now and find out! I’ll have to try and make time, sometime soon.

Three days have passed in this Time Hole – twelve hours should have passed in the truck, with my companions. I will leave shortly and rejoin them, but first I must make repairs to EVERYTHING I OWN. I have transferred much of my stuff into dimensional spaces, but I can’t just store everything in there. I must leave some stuff accessable! But this has made me realize that, perhaps, I do have a few too many things that I don’t really need to cart around. I will have to also give that some thought.

And speaking of thought, I will discuss with my companions first, but I’m pretty sure it’s time to erase those amulet memories and get rid of them. At a minimum, I have already erased everything they recorded of my own adventures since wearing it, and I no longer wear it. I haven’t worn it, since the talk with my friends after the temple incident. I don’t intend to ever wear it again, or any of them for that matter.

Back in the truck, and “bang bang” on the window – it’s another pigeon. Looks like there’s still more letters trying to find me. I’m running out of concerned friends and half friends though, so if they keep coming I doubt they will be carrying any sort of good news.

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Journal - Trent - Entry 53

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