Journal - Trent - Entry 58

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As usual, I’ve kept busy. It’s been about a week in real time, but I’ve experienced almost a month of time! All my temporal magic training was in how to skip portions of time for personal gain, but with a deadline on the end of the world, I can’t afford that luxury anymore.

So let’s get caught up, shall we?

I arrived with my companions and we prepared to enter Lazlo. Of course, I knew better then to just stroll in. I used magic to layer a variety of disguises and protections on myself. Not only did this serve to disguise my true self, but it also protected me from mystic and psychic senses, and enhanced my own senses to keep “on the lookout” for trouble.

I may not be “paranoid,” anymore (I can recognize that for what it was, now), but I can still be careful. And I am ever so glad I was. As I skulked around Lazlo, it didn’t take me too long to discover just how wanted of a man I was. The word on the street was that there was a huge bounty on my head! Thank goodness I no longer travel with Pall Mall (well, sort of…) – He would’ve turned me in for the reward in a heartbeat.

As it is, can I trust any of my companions with such a large sum over my head? I think I do trust them… although Rugar of course is a wild card. We didn’t really bond too much on the trek across Russia. I’ll have to keep an eye on him just in case – he did mention something about some debts, and owing some important people a lot of money…

I decided to risk visiting at least two locations in Lazlo before leaving. My first stop was with Erin Tarn. I made this a brief stop. I had been contemplating whether or not I would really drop off this recording device with her and let her download what it recorded… but ultimately I decided that the world needed to know what happened in New Calgary. Why it was decimated a second time. I took no joy in turning this information over to her. She accepted it, without knowing exactly what was on there yet, so she still had her joyful expression. She even tried to pay me with 10,000 credits!

At first I declined, but then I changed my mind and took the money. The blood money. I asked her about excluding certain people from her story, certain people I had encountered and didn’t deserve to become tangled with me… she responded that she would obtain signed releases from anyone she wrote about before actually writing about them. That seemed to be the best I could get out of her without saying too much. With my blood money in hand I left, and headed carefully towards the Magic Guild.

On the way I found a group that was collecting money to help with the New Calgary disaster. I gave them the 10,000 credits and continued on my way.

As I walked through Lazlo I noticed a good number of metamorphed beings, and it seemed to me there was a higher than normal number of beings from Atlantis. I didn’t think too much of the occasional dimensional envelope I spotted until I got near the Magic Guild – there, I spotted three right outside! I carefully went into the magic guild in order to pick up any missives that had been left for me – truth be told, I was hoping to have received something from the Enclave. Instead, I found just two messages.

The first one turned out to be from Tanya on the behalf of Sturm Brightblade – a couple of books, with a note inside to contact Tanya. Damn, Tanya. She had been in Dyval, fighting with others to destroy the generators from the other side. She wanted to meet in a discreet location. This I figured I could do, and would do – I needed to talk to her about some things anyway.

But the other letter… it claimed to be from ‘Drew. I almost burned it on the spot but instead I’m holding onto it – maybe a psychic can tell me something about the being who wrote it, so I know what kind of trap it is. But the claims in the letter are wild and insane. And whoever thought to set a trap for me using my dead brother’s memory… Yeah, I’m holding onto the letter until I find out who wrote it. Then… then I will have a nice talk with them.

I’m not entirely sure what I didn’t account for, but when I left the Magic Guild the Dimensional Envelopes outside ejected their contents and a whole contingent of Splugorth minions and two Temporal Raiders appeared. A portal opened up as well, and an entire Deevil Name-Seeker squad materialized out of it! Right in broad daylight, in front of the Magic Guild in Lazlo! People began to flee but a few being in the area took to the fight against them. Bounty Hunters, I guessed, but it’s not like I stuck around to find out. Somehow I sprung this trap but they still hadn’t got me!

While these groups all delved into a chaotic melee amongst themselves, I fled like the other civilians in the area. A few beings tried to fire or grab at me but they were all wild shots due to the chaos. It did not appear to me that they were singling me out, as others trying to run away were also accosted, but I wasn’t about to take any more chances. I ran like a panicked civilian and kept on running until I was clear from the area and “safe” – or as safe as I could be anyway.

The last thing I did in Lazlo was also the hardest. I contacted Tanya and met with her in a secluded location. I needed to know about what she did in Dyval. And… I needed to say goodbye.

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Journal - Trent - Entry 58

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