Journal - Trent - Entry 60

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Sitting the grove of this Millenium Tree these past few days has been just the sort of calm I’ve been lacking lately. It’s not solitary calm, like in my dimensional spaces. There’s the ever-looming presence of the Tree as well as the critters it keeps around. There’s a constant sense of life and peace. I can see why Druids and Woodsmen live this sort of life.

Compared to the Minion War and the Chaos I’ve been dealing with recently, this place is an isolated sanctuary of peace and tranquility that I hope will last through the Minion War.

I came here seeking sanctuary, and with the Tree’s permission would have cast that spell as well – but the Tree told me such magic was unnecessary beneath its branches. It also requested that the psychic/mystic signature of my spell not be left within its grove. I could respect that – I have no wish to cause trouble to this peaceful place.

I’ve only been spending about 1/3 of my time actually in the grove with the Tree. The other 2/3 of the day I’ve been spending in a Time Hole, replenishing scrolls I’ve used from the codex of scrolls (I love that name), recharging my used talismen and even creating a few more scrolls and talismen that I could more readily share with my companions. I don’t know what lies ahead when we get back together but I’m hoping to be reasonably prepared.

I encouraged the Faerie Zelda to roam around the place and freely explore – I thought it would be a nice change of pace for her, from that wicked carnival I rescued her from. Plenty of nature and freedom here. Once she warmed up to the place she started causing trouble and havoc amongst the other creatures – typical Faerie stuff but she basically rubbed every creature, and even the Millenium Tree, the wrong way. I don’t think the Tree or the other creatures in the place will thank me for bringing her.

But I must say that watching her antics was inspiring. She was annoying, brutally honest and her abrasive personality was completely uncensored. But seeing her so free and joyful was inspiring. I even found myself laughing occasionally at some of her antics, and how the creatures got back at her for them. There was no deception with her, no double meanings or false fronts. She is who and what she is, and that sort of genuine behavior is rare.

Well, not too rare. The few times I’ve had the opportunity to talk with ‘Cady have given me a similar feeling. I hope she’s keeping out of trouble and staying safe.

Only a few things of note happened this past week here, besides what I’ve already wrote. The Millenium Tree spoke freely with me of its history and the history of its cousins, the “World Trees.” But I also received visions and information regarding the “Tree of Woe” and the “Tree of Darkness.” I don’t know what caused me more concern – the “news” that the Tree imparted to me, or the fact that every time I sat down to commune with the tree I ended up becoming covered in a pile of animals. These creatures are a little too friendly sometimes.

The Tree of Woe is the Millenium Tree in Africa, in the Phoenix Empire near Rama. It is almost completely subverted by the evil that has been torturing it. I received the knowledge that a tiny fraction of the original good essence of that tree is left and could still be saved… but it would have to be soon. I’ve been in that area in the past though and I know it’d be no easy task. I hope someone is able to rise to that challenge.

Curiously, the latest sensation this Tree felt from the Tree of Woe was anxiety and sorrow. It seems someone was being hung upon the Tree, crucified and left to rot. The image the Tree flashed in my mind was of a giant purple d-bee with a huge brain on his head. In that brief and blindingly painful moment it was clear to me that it was the Pucaran Mind-Mage, Excedrin, dying upon the Tree of Woe. Dying, or recently dead. So much for that third visit I pre-paid for.

The Tree of Darkness is an evil Millenium Tree reportedly in the Black Forest of Europe. I learned from this Tree that the Tree of Darkness was created somehow by Gene-Splicers, and it’s recently unveiled a “mystic cache of hidden information for chaotic-creation and dark-genesis.” Gene-Splicers are there with it, working to decrypt the ancient information. They believe the Tree of Darkness harbors the key to the Cosmological Constant, and the ancient information being received has been passed on from the Gene-Tech elder race, using the Tree of Darkness as some sort of massive data receptacle. The Tree of Darkness itself is afraid it will be abandoned here on Rifts Earth once the Gene-Splicers steal all the secrets from its memory. The Millenium Tree here feels very sad for the Tree of Darkness because of this.

That’s about all I have time for here. It’s getting close to time to meet up with my companions and examine that weird dagger. I have a feeling it’s one of those weird items the Codex of Souls talked about, similar to Gazi, but we won’t know for sure until one of us is brave enough to touch it and begin the sequence of events. We should also endeavor to figure out what to do with that weird robe that posessed Helldamn. Now I need to go rescue a fox from Zelda.

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Journal - Trent - Entry 60

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