Journal - Trent - Entry 63

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Time be damned. The records I have of history aren’t complete enough to provide any solid details about this area in this time, so I’ve done what I felt needed to be done, and if there are repercussions then so be it.

We’ve been traveling with a caravan of traders who deliver the plague incense from town to town and are eventually going to return to the port town of Copenhagen, where they’ll pick up another shipment and begin their deliveries all over again.

Because of this plague we’re managing to get the Christian and the Norse believers in the region to agree to a shaky truce. We’ve convinced them that they both have been duped by malevolent forces. Whether the same exact being or two different beings working towards the same goal I can’t know just yet. The Norse worshipers so far have all described a female warrior, calling herself a disciple of Thor, who came in visions and commanded them to burn the incense they received. The Christian church priests have described one of their leaders, a patriarch named Dominicus Loricatus, who commanded the same of them. Both beings told their followers to burn the incense in order to destroy the other religion but “warned” them that their own faith would be tested and only those “truly faithful” would be spared.

Which would be none of them. Are all those who have “faith” in religion and gods so blind to such sloppy manipulation?

I’ve been using the magic to Purge Other beings of all impurities, including disease, on many of the local leaders of these two faiths as we come to them. That, and a couple of the leaders from the first town we arrived in who are accompanying us, are what finally made the others believe and listen to us. They’ve not only agreed to stop burning this plague-causing incense but they’ve also agreed to continue to accept the shipments and “pretend” as if they are still complying with the commands given to them.

While I’ve been curing the important people, James has been busy removing the plague from the rabble we come across. He’s extended his healing prowess to anyone and everyone that we’ve come across – all they have to do is line up and listen to him prattle on about how great he is. Most of them just assume that he’s allied with one or the other of the faiths in the area, so at least he shouldn’t be causing too much damage to the timestream.

Before we left with the caravan, we returned that Loki-posessed baby to his filthy mother, who we cured of the plague. I had made sure the baby and his mother would be protected by the Norse religion from further persecution. I also left her with a talisman which would provide the magic of Tongues (in case the baby delivered any other strange messages), and a talisman which would create the Armor of the Dwarf King Ithan (in case the child needed further protection). She professed her gratitude and gave me a small bag, tied up, which she claimed her husband left with her before he took off to see the king.

After that, Pall MallHelldamn Spellshroud and I performed a miracle of magic.

I don’t know how else to describe it. We created a huge magical circle, inscribed with certain writing that we pieced together from our combined knowledge of magic. Then we gathered the townsfolk who wished to be cured of the plague and, together with Zander and James’ help, I manipulated my normal casting of the Purge Other spell into a giant, town-wide ritual that managed to successfully remove the plague from every member of this ritual.


Belief is power when it comes to magic but I suspect we got very, very lucky here. So many things here could have gone disastrously wrong. When the spell completed I was exhausted and I retired to the local inn to rest. But in the middle of the night we were visited by a strange woman who suggested that an item we had recently acquired be presented to the king, in Copenhagen. She left and James followed – he eventually caught up with her and identified her as Hel, one of the Norse goddesses and a daughter to Loki.

The rest of us decided that she must have meant the gift the woman gave me earlier, so I cautiously checked it out. It turned out to be a ribbon of immense magical power – between Zander and I we pieced together that this was the mythical ribbon which was supposed to be tied around the mouth of the Fenrir wolf. Coincidentally, another child of the missing god Loki. If the story was true then this ribbon could be used to bind any being, regardless of their strength or resistance to magic. Why it was in our hands, and not around the Fenrir wolf’s maw remains a mystery.

I have not attempted that ritual again in the other towns we’ve visited. Rather, I’ve been relying on James’ ability and only using my magic on a few select individuals, as I’ve already described. We should reach Copenhagen in a few days’ time. I’ve kept the ribbon but I don’t believe I’ll present it to the king. Its former owner left to visit the king but chose to leave the ribbon behind. That tells me this should not be given to the king, though I’m not clear as to why. Perhaps when we arrive I’ll find out.

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Journal - Trent - Entry 63

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