Journal - Trent - Entry 64

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Things I hate about the 14th Century:

1. It’s absolutely filthy. I can cleanse myself a thousand times and I will never be clean enough. Most of my possessions will require burning once I return.

2. The people are idiots. Seriously, NO-ONE has bothered to question why this stupid incense had to be burned? Everyone started getting sick once it was burned and no-one questioned the connection?

3. There’s shit everywhere. At least in Calgary, the shit and other fluids were done on purpose, as an expression of the demon’s who lived there (weird that the filth of that place didn’t bother me when I was there – it bothers me now just thinking about it, but I plainly recall just wading through it all without a care…). Here, in the 14th century, everyone and everything just lazily leaves their shit everywhere. They dump it out of windows. They leave it in the alleys. It’s in the dirt paths that pass for roads. And it’s next to impossible to avoid it.

4. The smell. There’s just no way to describe it. Nobody bathes. Nobody cleans anything or cleans up after themselves. Clothes are rinsed occasionally but I would hardly call it washing. And all this adds up to one nasty, terrible smell that permeates the very atmosphere. There’s been more than one occasion where I’ve had to put on my own gas mask just to endure the locals.

5. The food is terrible. Everything’s dirty, there’s shit everywhere and the place smells like the rot of humanity. Even if the food was good here, I have no way of telling because everything about this time taints it and ruins it.

6. The people are apathetic. No-one really cares to change their lives. They’re all just content to live life as they are, for good or for bad, and if it needs to change then they have the attitude that someone else will do it for them. I’m about sick of trying to convince these ignoramuses to stop burning this incense, and return them to the fate they have chosen to accept and not change.

7. My traveling companions. Well, not all of them. Zander has his good moments. But James becomes more insufferable by the day and Helldamn… the longer I am around him, the more I recognize how dangerously insane he is. But worst of all is that none of them seem to be able to envision the negative consequences their actions could have on their own past and present and refuse to care. How many times I’ve considered abandoning them, but then what? How much worse can they make it if I wasn’t around to hold them back? That’s the scariest thought of all.

8. My own actions. How much of time have I screwed up by what I’ve done? How many people that should have died will live now, because of me? And vice-verse? How radically different will our present be once we return to it?

Tomorrow we arrive at Copenhagen. Up until now we’ve only been to small villages surrounded by nature. I only expect that everything will be a thousand times worse in a medieval “city.” We will not be able to solve this plague issue and get back to the future fast enough.

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Journal - Trent - Entry 64

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