Journal - Trent - Entry 7

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The Deacon and James just left on a trek to that Mercenary camp, so before I start working on these amulets I thought I’d get everything out while it’s still fresh in my mind.

First, the bad news: I’m not getting paid.

Of course, there really isn’t any good news, just more stuff that isn’t as bad as that, and some of it even interesting.

There’s this new guy we met, named James. We met him outside of this camp area and he says he’s been helping these refugees out for the last few months. I don’t know if we should trust him, but for now we have no choice – he’s heard too much, especially concerning these amulets and what we went through to get them. I don’t think it’d be wise to let him go. Something’s a little off about him, I’m not sure what. I know he isn’t truely human, but what he is I’m not sure of yet.

Pall Mall did something to James when he first got our attention. I’ve seen him do it before, simply suggest something to someone and that person does it. I’m pretty sure the first time he ever does something like that to me will be the last time we ever deal with each other peacefully. But it got James to walk away so we could conduct our affairs in private.

Speaking of Pall, he disappeared after we laid out everything we had gotten ahold of so far in order to figure it all out. I decided at the last minute he wasn’t going to know about that weird gem I found. I don’t know what it was about it, but something made me decide it was staying put in my pouch. Pall pretty much only had some scrolls, a metamorphosis ring, and some Demon body parts. He seemed to be excited to see one of the necklaces I had picked up, so we traded some of his scrolls for it and then he made up a reason to have to leave. Something about building a secret sanctuary?

Probably more like he needed to teleport himself back to that Tolkeen Library and loot it some more. He’s welcome to do whatever he wants there. It’s only a matter of time before the Coalition breaks into it, and I don’t want to be caught in there when they do. He said he’d meet us back here in a week and then he was gone.

The Deacon and James seemed to get along well. They’re both the “strong, silent type” which made travelling into town easy. When we found the Elf who had sent us on this quest we showed him the bodies of the woman and child we uncovered in Tolkeen. He was less than thrilled, and demanded we leave without pay, claiming they weren’t the bodies we were sent to find! I even produced some of their personal effects as proof, but he got pretty pissed when I threw one of them at him. So we left.

Then another guy enters that Elf’s tent, and before we knew it there was a loud explosion, the tent was on fire, and some kind of creature was running away. We all ran towards the fire and it was obvious that it was magical in nature. Still, James just reached into the fire barehanded in order to pull away the burning tent. I jumped ahead a few seconds in time to scope out the inside of the fire area with no fear of getting burned, but seeing the guy who had walked in laying on the ground surprised me. That hesitation allowed the spell to end while I was still inside, and time caught up to me with a hot vengence.

Luckily I had activated the armor of Ithan through the enchantments wrought on my armor before I had come in here. I don’t know who you were Ithan, but thanks for this gift of magic you created. I pulled the guy out and checked his aura – he was healthy, so I turned my attention to other matters. What had happened? I knew a way to find out but I needed the fire to die down first. I let James and Deacon bring the unconscious man to a secluded area so they could administer whatever aid they felt he needed, despite the fact that his aura showed he was fine, just unconscious.

After a couple minutes the fire abruptly vanished. More proof it was magical… as if I needed more proof. I walked into the pile of ashes that was once a tent with furniture inside it and cast the spell I knew which would allow me to see visions of the past. That jerk Nusael called it “Retro-Viewing” but I think that sounds stupid. I like “Visions of the Past” better, and if I ever teach this spell to anyone else (Ha! Not likely – I remember Tr’nalath’s lessons well!) that’s what I will call it.

I saw that guy enter the tent and pull out a gem similar to the one I had and didn’t share with Pall. At that moment the Elf went crazy and shifted into the form of a Deevil Fiend and tackle/slammed the guy into the ground. Then the magical flames engulfed the area. I cast the spell a second time to make sure I didn’t miss anything since it all actually happened in the blink of an eye. I noticed the guy dropped his gem when he was tackled. I did some rooting around in the ashes and found where it had landed. I picked it up to bring with me.

When I went to tell Deacon and James about what I saw, I discovered they had managed to wake up that guy and Deacon was holding a gun to his head! We talked out the situation and calmed things down. TUrns out, the guys name is Solomon Cain, and he said he was working for a demon called Modius! No wonder Deacon pulled his gun on him! He tried to explain that his working for that demon was a form of redemption or something.

More importantly, he told us the Archfiend we saw running away was a Deevil Regent called Baaz. Then Solomon told us that the conflict between Demons and Deevils was only goign to get worse. Both Deacon and James were a bit confused about all this, but I followed it. Too well, in fact. We shared with Solomon information about the amulets we had found, and the creatures we had pulled them from. I drew a picture of one of them for him to reference but he didn’t recognize it or know what the events in the library meant. I realized later that it didn’t look as much like the amulet as I meant it to. Solomon seemed glad that we didn’t give those things to Baaz though, since they were likely what he had been trying to get someone, anyone to find for him.

Solomon left to follow after Baaz, even though he didn’t think he would be abel to face him and win. If that’s how he wants to throw his life away, that’s his deal I guess. Deacon, James and I talked about our next course of action, and it seemed that if the Senator (the husband of the dead mother and daughter) was still alive, that there might be information about him at the Mercenary camp. I offered to stay here wtih the refugees so I could examine the amulets. And the other stuff I had, though I didn’t tell them about that. We parted ways for a few days.

And that’s what I’m doing now. I made a dimensional envelope (more like a dimensional closet – I swear, Nusael gave some of these magics the stupidest names) so I could work on these in private. I don’t know what’s goign to happen once I begin this investigation, but at least this journal will serve as a record of what led up to this moment, should something go wrong.

Trent Logan
Temporal Wizard
Dimensional Traveller

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Journal - Trent - Entry 7

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