Journal - Trent - Entry 9

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I have to get this down now!

The Father Amulet is the link to the Mother and the Child Amulets! The Father Amulet can locate them and clear all information contained within them! The Mother and Child amulets were worn by Deevil spies in human guise and “recorded” everything they saw and heard. 8 months worth of memories are stored in these things! No wonder that Elf, or Baaz I guess, was so frantic to get his hands on them!

These Deevil spies were obviously working for him, I saw that. These spies were searching for a book – their trail led them to the Coalition, and from there into the legendary BLACK VAULT. These creatures took an inventory of the black vault! How they got in, what was in there, how the place looked, everything is in these amulets! Pall can have the ruins of that Tolkeen library. I saw what’s waiting within the Black Vault, and I intend to get it!

But there was more!

These Deevil spies found an item in the black vault which directed them to go to that Library in Tolkeen to find the book they were looking for. They teleported themselves there and slew everyone and everything which had sought refuge in there during the Coalition’s siege. Including the people they had been impersonating.

That room we found, it was there already when they arrived. But it was open, inviting. An obvious trap but these Deevils either didn’t notice or care. Inside the room they found a book, called The Codex of Souls. It was obviously not the book they were looking for. Then they were ambushed by a Temporal Raider! But not just any Temporal Raider.

Tr’nalath Sol-zeschol. My former mentor.

I never thought I’d see him again so soon, but why was he there? This trail the Deevils followed was obviously laid for them… Did he do that? I don’t put it past him. If he’s fighting Deevils, does that mean he’s aligned himself with Demons, like Solomon? That seems unlikely… if Tr’nalath has gotten himself involved, he’s done it for only one reason – because it will greatly benefit HIM. But how did he benefit from what happened? If I see him I may just have to ask him, but I really hope I just don’t see him.

And now back to work figuring out what the rest of this stuff is that I found in the Library.

These are some interesting things.

The chainsaw is a techno-wizard creation, powered by magic.

The gem which looks like a dragon’s eye can see through magical metamorphosis – that must why the Elf/Baaz reacted how he did when Solomon visited him while holding it. He knew he had been made. I’m very glad I didn’t share this will that Sowki.

This pair of gloves are also techno-wizard creations powered by magic, and enable all sorts of escape tricks and magics.

The rune weapon functions as some sort of gun, but I don’t get along with it very well. Seems like it’ll be a great match for Deacon though. If Deacon doesn’t want it, I can probably sell it for big money if I can’t convince the being inside to deal.

And lastly is a ring which can change into a weapon on mental command.

Not a bad haul, thought if I had been more focused I probably would’ve found more. Pall’s probably looted the place clean by now. Nothing I can do about that, except look forward to a trip to Chi-Town! As long as I don’t run into Jescha

There’s still plenty of time left to start making new Talismans and Scrolls. Preparation is key, and with all this weirdness going on lately, I’ll be damned if I won’t be prepared.

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Journal - Trent - Entry 9

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