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An Open Letter to ALL Beings Concerning the State of Magic

Fellow beings. We have enough trouble trusting ourselves in these trying times – I know how difficult it will be for you to trust me. But this missive contains news of import to us all. This madness which has afflicted our ranks despite our best efforts, I have discovered its cause! What follows is a tale which will seem mad. Yet what I will describe is 100% true. I, and others with me, have witnessed this with our own eyes, and all our accounts match up. Please, I implore you – read through to the end before passing judgment upon this tale.

Around the world there are points where multiple Ley Lines intersect, creating major nexus points which dwarf any ordinary nexus points, and create permanent dimensional rifts. You know some of them. The famous St. Louis Archway. The former Demon city of Calgary. Stonehenge, across the Atlantic in old England. The infamous Bermuda Triangle. And many others. What I and my companions have discovered – no, stumbled upon, is that many of these locations have a secret, hidden rift inside of the more stable, permanent rift!

A fantastic claim, I know. Can I back it up? I cannot; the rift at Calgary has seemingly vanished. This dimensional anomaly has already been handled at Stonehenge and at Windsor. But there are other locations around the world where this anomaly of a “rift within a rift” will surely be seen, by those able to discern the fine distinction of dimensional disturbances. I tell you now, that this rift hidden within the active rifts is the cause of the sickness, the contagion, the taint, the madness we have discovered and run afoul of with increasing frequency.

Again, with proper discernment, one can see the near-invisible corruption of magical energy emanating from these sites, travelling the mystic ley lines across the globe and through the rifts to even afflict other dimensions! You can see for yourself if you look hard enough. Try visiting a small, remote nexus at night, then compare what you see there against the roiling magical energy present at a major nexus. It is not just an increase in the potential psychic energy, but also a noticeable increase in this taint – you will see it if you only but look!

As if this tale is not fantastic enough, I must now share even more which will surely stretch credulity. These barely man-sized portals which I have now described, they are created from the dimension of Dyval! Yes, Dyval. Fantastically, if one travels through this portal, they will be transported not only to the dimension of Dyval, but to the very spot in Dyval where these portals are being generated from! In complete violation of the rules of that plane, I swear upon time itself that I know this to be so – I have in fact travelled through the portal, and arrived thusly in the dimension of Dyval!

What in Dyval creates this portal? A device so fantastic it is impossible for me to tell if it is magic, science, or the blend we have all come to accept which is techno-wizardry. This machine is the size of a building and lightning outlines its features. Its biggest feature is some sort of crystal and jewel lined array, which spins, and it is through this mechanism that somehow the portal is created. I have brought some of the best minds I know to probe its secrets, and while I know much more now, there is still more which eludes me for the moment.

But what I do know is this: These devices have been in operation for nigh 400 years. They syphon magical energy and what does not power this device is stored. We have watched two of these devices as they were successfully destroyed. The energy stored in them is phenomenal! The explosions produced as the device fails has been devastatingly powerful. Thankfully it has been contained only within that dimension, and thus far only Deevils have suffered its effects with deadly consequences.

What is my purpose in communicating this? This affects every single being who would utilize potential psychic energy. It has affected nearly all of us. But no longer is this a faceless, insubstantial threat. The threat is real. There are machines in the dimension of Dyval which are creating portals that syphon potential psychic energy, and in doing so they are somehow poisoning this energy throughout the Megaverse. The solution is simple.


I can attest that they are possible to destroy. My companions and I have already, at the time this message was created, destroyed two of them. What is not easy is the defenses the Deevils will muster to keep their plan active. The lengths of deception to which they will go to in order to ensure that this plan remains secret. You will hear me discredited. You will hear that this tale is false, it is a trick, it is… anything other than the truth. What will you do? I implore you only to do this: Find out for yourselves. I have identified no less than twenty-seven of these major nexus points. The guild can take you close to some. Others it can only take you to the general continent. The journey will be difficult. The Minion War raging everywhere you turn makes this a dangerous task.

Whatever you decide, know this: I will not stop until every one of these foul devices lays in wreckage at my feet. I will trade no more of my sanity in exchange for this Deevil plot. Should you decide to seek out the truth in this tale personally then it is possible that you may encounter me and/or my companions. If your goal is the same, we will welcome you as an ally in this endeavor. But if you seek to impede this mission in any way I can promise that my enmity will be a regret which plagues you for the remainder of time.

These are the Super Nexus points my own research has uncovered. I am sure there are more to find but this provided me enough to start with:

North America: New Calgary, Windsor in old Detroit, old Century Station city (specific location unknown!), Miami in old Florida, Seattle in old Washington, The St. Louis Archway, East St. Louis ruins, In the magic zone of the Ohio Valley.
Central America: Uxmal in the Yucatan and Mexico City in Mexico.
South America: The Devils Triangle, Macchu Pichu, and the Andes Mountains Nexus.
The Atlantic: The Bermuda Triangle points in and along Puerto Rico, Haiti, Bermuda, Cuba and Miami.
Europe: Stonehenge in Britain, Macs Howe in Scotland, Newgrange in Ireland, Freiburg in Breisgau in the Black Forest of Germany, The Standing Stones of Carnac in France
Africa: The Pyramid of Giza in Africa.
Asia: The Boiling Sea in Russia, and at least one more somewhere within the Mists of China.
The Pacific: The island of Rapa Nui, The “Island of Doctor Vilde (specific location unknown!), Angkor Wat in old Cambodia, the Prambanan Temple Complex in old Indonesia, the Gunung Mulu forest in old Malaysian Borneo.

Signed on this day of October, 110 P.A.

Trent Logan
Temporal Wizard

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Journal - Trent - Inset 2

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