Journal - Trent - Inset 23

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Long time. I’ve been forced to wonder if we can ever overcome our differences. I may not be in the Coalition anymore but that doesn’t change who I am and what I believe in…what I stand for. My body…is not my own. Heard some farfetched story from Deacon Karr…he set me in the right direction. I can’t say I find Lazlo very appealing but I can see why you hung around here. It’s not the ‘burbs no matter what you convince yourself of; it’ll never be home.

Karr’s information proved coincidental with some other news — your name plastered all over it, actually. As much as it pained me I returned home to find Mom but found you instead…or your trail at least…and it was fresh. I ran into an old flame of yours at the old apartment. Mom wasn’t around and Jescha was looking for her, worried sick. She’s a bright girl, that one, and pretty too. I don’t know what happened between you two but I can say for sure that she and I see eye to eye. We have a lot more than our love for you…and your wayward ways…in common. I would have stayed in Chi-Town longer but she disappeared pretty quickly.

I stopped in at the Magic Guild in Lazlo and was treated cordially by this midget-D-bee woman. I don’t know how you associate yourself with this filth…after all that’s happened. She allowed me to drop off this letter in case you returned. I don’t want to say more because the midget probably read this letter the second I was out of earshot. You can’t trust an alien.

I’m making myself busy with the Human Supremacist Movement while I bide my time and wait for you here in Lazlo. You can reach me on my cell — the old number of the address we grew up at.


P.S. – be prepared to answer a few questions before I let my guard down. It’s tough to know who a man can trust around here.

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Journal - Trent - Inset 23

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