From Madhaven p.9

Read to players: NYC and the surrounding areas were the technological centers of the country. It thrived and grew to epic proportions of 21m people. A few days before Christmas 2098 the entire world imploded. NYC and the NJ coastline were wiped off the face of the planet. They never knew what hit them. One day was just like any other winter day. Christmas songs filled the air. Shoppers rushed home to their families. It was truly a Holly Jolly Christmas.

Breaking news reports of a devastating occurrence in South America. Military engagement gone wrong? Violent natural disaster of unknown origin and proportion? Minutes later New Yorkers experienced the most powerful earthquake in NY history. Damage was minimal but it was followed up by smaller quakes and tremors in its wake. People froze in horror and awe as news that the Yellowstone SUPER-VOLCANO had erupted. In fact the news reported that an unknown number of other volcanoes on the Pacific “Ring of Fire” tectonic plate line were also simultaneously erupting. Contact with the entire West coast was lost. Earthquakes were ravaging the entire continent and reports of “blue lines” of energy shooting up from the ground filled the airwaves.

People begun to head home to be with their families.

A moment later the first of over one-hundred tidal waves crashed into Manhattan and the entire Eastern Seaboard. Most people never survived to see the blue lines, raging storms, and the tears in the skies that came afterward. Long Island saw it first — a 300ft tall wall of water traveling at 500mph. It was actually funneled through the Long Island Sound which acted as a channel that shot the water straight into the city and slammed through glass, steel, concrete, and everything — instantly killing millions of people. And then the next one came. And they just kept coming.

And then came the Collapse. With a rumbling heave that sounded like the end of the world the earth thrust the island of Manhattan and the Western edge of Long Island a thousand feet into the air and it came crashing down 500ft further. Even the buildings made of Mega-crete and Dura-crete twisted, toppled, and broke in half. The earth continued to quake and roll and knock-down buildings, collapse tunnels, rupture pipes, and what little life actually remained. New York City and most of the East Coast up to 200 miles inland experienced total obliteration in less than 30 minutes. Casualties: 80% – 99%

Then came the fires, the smothering ash, the freezing winds, and the winter that lasted an entire generation. And that wasn’t the worst of it. Freak storms, alien invasions, demon hordes, and all manner of weirdness were yet to come. In a strange way the people who died in the chaos of the Great Cataclysm were the lucky ones.

After drop and approach through wilderness read:

As you approach the Madhaven peninsula the very atmosphere of the air changes. The forest that precedes the region is dense with alien plant life. Barbarians and Shemarrians are said to roam these forests.

As you approach the city ruins the forest thins and suddenly you find yourself in a wide clearing with Madhaven standing before you. The ruins are a tangle of twisted metal, concrete, and overgrown vegetation. Portions of some buildings still stand though not in their entirety. 95% have toppled over or collapsed in on themselves forming giant piles of rubble the size and shape of hills and mounds or tall pillars like the buttes of Utah and Nevada. The sides of buildings that were sheared off during the cataclysm create a network of canyons, walls, and overhanging bridge-like edifices connecting one crushed building of the ruins to the next. Grass, moss, vines, and other vegetation grow on top of the debris piles and throughout the standing ruins but the carpet of green only serves to make the place more eerie. One minute you are walking among trees or an open valley and the next there is a lamp post or a set of stone stairs or a rusted vehicle jutting out of the underbrush or the side of a hill. Nature has tried to reclaim the ruins but for some reason vegetation is light through much of the city. Instead you travel through a network of hills (each one a building), canyons, valleys, and trails among the mountain of debris.

You are walking under a tapestry of hanging debris and vegetation. The land is uneven, rocky (shattered concrete), and full of obstacles such as boulders, fragments of walls, pipes, steel beams, and vines. One minute the path is clear and the next minute there is a wall blocking your way or an abutment or set of concrete stairs, or just a mountain of dirt and stone that you know was once a building. Furthermore, the maze of debris and obstacles giant slabs, piles of steel or stone, jagged outcroppings, jutting walls, giant mounds and sudden turns and drop-offs that force you to travel around them — destroy your sense of direction.

Haunting Entities – most common

Poltergeists – 2nd

Syphon Entities – inside objects

Possessing Entities – teammate against teammate

Tectonic Entities – big baddies

Conglomerate Entities – p.117 ultimate badass

Characters with ME 9 or lower feel an overwhelming sense of dread and despair, hear the sounds of people crying, children laughing and screaming, sniffle / cry / weeping / sobbing. See lights in the night sky, hallucinate, and doubt their senses. Moving shadows, shifting landscape, and cries for help (often from a child). Asleep…visions in dreams, warning of danger, Danger lurks in every shadow — can’t tell what’s real and what is not.

Every point of ME over 10 is the # of days you can withstand the insanity of Madhaven. Even characters who are currently resisting the madness will feel on edge, short tempered, and uneasy.

Map of Madhaven p.17 / 19

Adventure Ideas p.124

I Am Legend – Richard Matheson — Insane Shifter is holed up in a fortress surrounded by guards and entities and fortified beyond belief. He calls himself LEGEND and he is reported to have found the missing piece of Osiris (right eye). A team of Knights tried to bust in there and overtake the Shifter but they were never heard from again.

Your mission: find the secret compound of the Shifter known as Legend. Infiltrate. Find the Right Eye of Osiris. Anything else you find you may keep as spoils.

Bonus: Find and kill the Shifter known as Legend.

Bonus: Find the team of three Rose Knights. If they are alive bring them home. If they are dead bring back proof of their demise.

Bonus: Stumble upon the book “Bid Time Return” by Richard Matheson — about a man who goes back in time and falls in love with a woman and then returns to present time.

Bonus: Encounter an ancient, well-preserved map of the “Magic Zone” that clearly outlines the boundaries of a town named Bloom.

Team of Mystic Knights searching for the Order of the White Rose.

Alligators live in NYC sewers
Pennies falling from the Empire State Building can kill people.
Gargoyles in our city come alive at night and return to stone by morning.
The Empire State Building is haunted.

Madison Square Garden

The Statue of Liberty

Times Square

Central Park

Cujo, the Coney Island chili dog
Escape from New York – Snake Plisskin – World Trade Center, stealth glider, Brain — NY Public library his personal fortress, The Crow, The Matrix, Dark City, 28 Days Later, I am Legend,


Ladies in Hades and the Dyval Wears Prada Witchcraft