Obsidian Portal Tags

Obsidian Portal Tags

The Wiki, Characters and Items tabs all have the ability to be sorted by “Tags,” which are located to the right of the content and underneath each page link. Listed below is the reasoning behind the tags selected and applied throughout each section. By clicking on a tag name the section can be filtered such that only pages containing that tag will be shown.

Wiki Tab Tags

These are still a work in progress – a cohesive format or organization has yet to be decided on and implemented.

Characters Tab Tags

On the Characters tab, the Tags represent a character’s last known whereabouts, their status as a Player Character (PC) versus a Non-Player Character (NPC), and what Faction they belong to, if any.

Items Tab Tags

On the Items tab, the Tags represent which character is in posession of the item, and what category of rarity the item falls into:

  • Mundane: Any sort of “normal” item, both common or uncommon… typically book legal and one can buy it with money/credits. It’s just a regular item totally represenative of it’s type.
  • Custom: Typically “mundane” items that have been upgraded or modified in some way.
  • Personal: One-of-a-kind items unique to a specific character.
  • Rare: These are items that you typically don’t just go to the store and buy off the shelf. There may be others like them in the multiverse, but good luck finding them.
  • Unique: One-of-a-kind items unique to a specific dimension. You will probably never see another one of these, ever. Hold on to the one you got for all it’s worth.
  • Legendary: These are the plot-specific, major unique items that currently don’t even reside in the Item section of the Obsidian Portal and instead each have their own Wiki page… they’re THAT important!

Obsidian Portal Tags

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