On Eido and the Mad Dog

I’ve met a rather motley crue made up of a Borg, Crazy, Mechanic, Mage, and ex-Soldier. There is no question that these are the people I have been tracking since Hope Springs. The Cyber Knight recently left their group before I made contact…perhaps some sort of disagreement? It is of little consequence. He will not escape your justice by my hand. These men will pay for the atrocities they have committed; you need not worry my Lord.

I have infiltrated their group by attaching myself to the mage via a money debt. They have accepted me with little resistance. We have taken a job to investigate a borg chop shop in the town of Eido and it’s surrounding area which led to a house fire apparently caused by a ghostly “white bison”. I suspect there is idol worship in the town, but they will have to await judgment as the matter I am dealing with is of far greater importance.

Following that lead, we ventured into the forest until you appeared to us and advised us that we were looking in the wrong place. It must have been grave importance to have revealed yourself to those unworthy of your presence. Forgive my impertinence for I do not wish to question your grace.

While we awaited further orders from Teir 22, we looked into the bounty on “Mad Dog” Gunthrie. The others deemed it too dangerous. I believe that the “Mad Dog” is not guilty of what he has been accused of. There is something fishy about the E-Light guard and I wonder if it is a front for something more sinister.

Lord, you are my savior and I shall not want. Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil. Guide my hand to smite your enemies and strike down your foes.
I am forever your loyal servant.


On Eido and the Mad Dog

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