Pall Mall Adventure Log - Building entrance traps

The group was separated. The aftermath of Calgary and the nuclear bomb combined with all the Deevyl and Demon combat and trickery had taken its toll on the mages and the bruisers alike. From a third perspective this group of unlikely comrades seemingly had the social schedules of teenage girls. One always wanting something that was obviously more important the rest’s concerns. This state of affairs, combined with everything they had found out in Calgary, led the group to recover each in their own time. And for Trent this should be taken literally.

The Time Mage had whisked himself away no doubt to some unknown dimension where he could recuperate and ponder on the magic item of supreme power he had just acquired thanks to GM grace and a few daring actions by Pall Mall. McGreggor – well who really knows where that loose cannon was going to go and Pall Mall, who could really care less about his Olympian property and the newcomer Steve of the House of Gary, went off to make the final touches on his sanctuary with the rest of his minions and cohorts. All Five of them had agreed to meet in Lazlo in a number of weeks.

By the time he had finished his GM sidebar, Bloodstone, the Lava Monster, and Gimbly, the Asgardian Dwarf, had made much progress – especially now that Pall was around to administer a mighty hand of agony on to the mostly disobedient blood stone.

The living quarters were complete, all the pluming and creature comforts were in place. Pall sat back and saw that it was good. He had spared no expense in the function of his sanctuary: TW lights, illusionary walls at the entrances, secret passages to his private castle sanctuary designed to hold a library and forge beyond all parallel in the megaverse, Iron Golems Guarding the inner doors and much more.


He now began to think of the worst case scenario. What if some creature or the CS or something worse just happened uppon his domain? And even worse realize the illusions hiding the entrances were just that – illusions. He would not idly stand by and just allow simple passage. No. After half a day of rest, Pall, Gimbly and Bloodstone began the tasks of designing and building difficult ways to get in the already secret lair. This took them some time but the results were well worth the means. The first to be tackled was the entrance from the gryphon sanctuary. Once someone crosses the boundary of the first illusionary wall they would have open access to the living quarters. This riddle would hopefully prevent the dim of wit from entering.

Entering the room the un invited guests would see a pillar with runes carved in it and a stone walkway leading to it, flaked by floor stones with similar carvings. Choosing their answer wisely the intruders must dexterously make their way to the trigger stone – allowing access.

Solve the riddle

Pall Mall Adventure Log - Building entrance traps

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