Pall Mall Sanctuary

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Gryphon Sanctuary
room for 6 creatures
hidden entrance

Pall mall sanctuary gryphon

Main Domicile
1 Madam – Bevmorda
9 Harem – servants who were paid to work for one year as sexual treats for Pall Mall’s visitors and for himself. While they have down time they will be guided by Bev in the ways of love and seduction. Domestic duties will be procured from a plethora of “a dummies guide to XXX” books, dvd’s ( or whatever ) purchased in Freehold.

Opium den type furnishings complete with utensils, Curtains, Pillows, Couches, beds, toilets, rugs, tableware etc.

x 4 rooms for guests
x 1 mechanical room for the TW electrical system
x 1 observation deck

x 10 servants quarters with independent dining and toilets (to be added)
x 1 indoor garden (to be added)
x 1 targeting range and weapons room (to be added)
x 2 entrance traps (to be added)
x 2 Golems (to be added)

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Summoning Floor
Basic study rooms filled with cabinets, beakers, shelves jars and the like for all manner of alchemy and creation of spell components.
Pall mall sanctuary group lowe

Secret Level
you should be listening to this shit right now:


  • Magical Forge
  • Magical Anvil
  • Tongs water etc
  • Comforts for Studying
  • Several rooms for Gimbly and Diminutive ( including the basics ).
  • Secret safe for treasure
  • x 1 main room for Pall
    Pall mall sanctuary secret san

Pall Mall Sanctuary

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