Remember Who You Are

The Order of Diaconates has pieced together the following information from other accounts of the events leading up to The Ordainment

Evil had besieged the hidden library. Bodies of civilians lined the floors, entrails strewn about the books. Deacon was the first to enter the portal and witness the carnage. A fire burned in what seemed the center of the impossibly big room so he began to make his way towards it. “This is a test from God” he though to himself.

Books piled high as a mountain and burned as hot as a volcano were the source of light seen so far away. Odd though was that nothing seemed to burn in this inferno. As Deacon gazed upon the flames he cast his neckerchief into the fire…in which it did not burn! Deacon summoned all his will and fighting the urge to avoid the pain, climb up to the top of the bonfire. There, covered in sweat and every inch of his body in agony he found a tome the flames dared not touch. Upon opening the grimoire, God struck Deacon’s memory of who he was, maintaining only the most basic functions of his being.

Confused and concerned, he descended the mountain with the book. There he encountered his companions huddled around two corpses, one small and one large. In his amnesiatic state, he was unsure what to make of the situation, so he began to pray over the remains. Amidst his prayers, the bodies began to boil and it became clear were unholy. The others insisted if he left the fireside, his memories would return, until then they would contain the demons here.

Deacon left at their advice and contemplated the situation. He prayed and meditated for many hours until…..
(the following is of Deacon’s own hand and the only written account of what transpired in those hours alone in the library)

I know not who I was, but it is clear who I am — forever Your servant.
As I sit in this library surrounded by death and decay, I hope You are merciful on the innocent and may your unbridled Wrath be unleashed on the guilty.
Lord, I pray for the sinners.

I am but an empty vessel for your Will, my Lord. A gauntlet for your Hand. Your cause is Right and Just.
Tears fall from my eyes as Your angel descends from Heaven — beauty such as this, no mortal is meant to lay eyes upon.
Lord, I pray on for the sinners.

A flood of memory follows every tear and by your Grace I am made whole.
I am filled with your Spirit and I understand. Your Will be done.
Lord, I prey on the sinners.

Remember Who You Are

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