Report #75

In the background there are the sounds of a bustling city. Hawkers are calling out to sell their wares, Barkers are trying to entice visitors to see their oddities or experiences, and there is a constant low but permeating drone of a hum. Over all the noise there can be heard clanking and banging through the recording as if in a scrap yard

This is McGreggor Alistersaurus reporting on the Observe and Report Mission: Earth.

Aurora borealis over toronto skyline thomas kolendra

Major developments have occurred since my last report. I stand here before a giant glowing crack in the air. It glows with a soft blue hue and the energy can be felt and heard radiating off of it. All kinds of creatures go in and out, but I do not know from or to where. If it is what I think it is, this could be a major development for the Altarin Empire for sure. Let me start from the beginning:

Mc greggor gladiator3

The “warrior class” on the planet is quite pathetic. I established the superior Qua-Trau might in the arena battle with no contest and, I requested an audience with “Master” after they tried to distract me with the pleasures of the scales. Blackblade was his name I finally learned, and I requested to be placed closer to their vehicular technology; however, my American must need further development as I was placed in the care of a Sowki lizard man. They must have thought I wanted companionship of another sort.

We departed for the stands and joined with others of the Sowki’s entourage to watch the remaining matches. A giant, by their standards, with one eye who wielded lightning bolts was no match for a man dressed in scales with a sword. The last match was quite the spectacle. A man who was able to summon all sorts of strange beasts vs two elite fighters.

After the fight the Sowki’s, whose name i inquired was Pall-Mall, companion named James jumped into the middle of the arena to slay the injured victor. I approved of this action for when better to slay an enemy while he is weak and unable to retaliate? Something stopped him though and he returned to us in a foul mood.

As working with Pyrewood Ops proved to be quite useful in the mission, I decided to stay with this group to see what sorts of information they could offer me. We made our way to their residency and Pall gave me an iron sword. It could prove useful, so I took it and went to scope out the city. Typical of an Earth city, shops and services of all kinds, but seemingly low tech. Magic abilities are abound and seem to have taken the place of tech to serve their needs.
Whence I returned to the residency, James and the human Trent were asking about a blacksmith. When I mentioned I had seen one on my surveillance sweep they were very interested in going there.

When we arrived they approached the demon smith and inquired about slaves rather than the goods. I tried to demonstrate that this was an armor and weapons store to them by putting on various goods from the vendor’s selection, but everyone just seemed angry so I returned the goods to the racks.

Mc greggor in armor 2

Now as I have detailed before, when I was with Pyrewood, anytime we went to a “slave store” we released them in an effort to stimulate the economy. I thought maybe then this wasn’t a smithy and that’s why everyone seemed angry. Maybe this really was a slave store. So pulling on my previous encounters, I found the pin holding all three slaves chains in place, picked up the biggest hammer I could muster and knocked it free.

The shopkeeper began to charge at me, but one of the slaves managed to trip him. As his hulking mass was flying towards me, I used the hammer to redirect his trajectory. Having completed the task we came in here for, I took a set of plate armor as my prize along with the hammer and left the shop.

Pall happened to be in the street when I walked out, riding some sort of floating bio-mass. He was headed to something he called a “Rift” so I accompanied him to investigate what he was talking about…..

Which brings me back to the start. This Rift seems to be a connection to other worlds and dimensions. With the power of a Rift, the empire would be unstoppable. As I make my report I am building and exploratory suit from scraps of vehicles I found scattered along the edge of the Rift to investigate further. As a precaution I’ve taken a few vehicle power supplies (can you believe they still use nuclear power?) and rigged them as explosives just in case. There is nothing like what I am used to, but they’ll have to do.

McGreggor out.

Report #75

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