Report #76

From Calgary to Mechanicsville

This is McGreggor Alistersaurus reporting on the Observe and Report Mission: Earth.

The nuclear test in the demon city was…lackluster at best. These crude devices they call “nuclear power supplies” are barely equivalent to the hand grenades of the Mighty Atorian Empire. I rate their improvised weapon capabilities as minor nuisance at best.

It is not the indigenous humans that are the true threat of this plantet, however. Many dimensional beings and alien life forms are here all vying for their own kingdom or global takeover. These DBees would pose the greatest threat to any invasion force (once the planetary defenses have been breached). It is also my opinion that those same planetary defenses are just as much to repel attacks from the outside as they are containing these forces to this planet.

The city of Calagry (as I learned it to be named) is the demon beachhead from which they plan to invade the world. The nuclear test set off a chain reaction in the city and it crumbled in our wake. Sadly the XDX-01 was lost in the resulting EMP wave and I was not able to escape with it.

James, Trent, Pall Mall, and a curious man named Steve, all regrouped outside of the city in a ghost town. Here we encountered a gathering of “Gods” that told us of seven ancient weapons of great power that they decided they no longer wished to be bothered safeguarding any longer because it was too much trouble.

It was here that I learned Trent and Her Lady Jescha were actually representatives in this gathering of “Gods” for the Empire. She wished to remain undercover, but as a sworn vassal of the Six, I remained ever vigilant for her safety.

I found myself lacking in transportation and technical equipment, so I inquired with Her servant Trent, as to where I might find equipment to better serve. He brought me to a place known as New Lazlo, which was not unlike the demon city other than considerably cleaner.

Here I parted ways with the group for a time in order to gather the necessary equipment to continue my mission and protection of the Lady. I encountered a human named Bastion Campbell who required a pilot and told me the place he was headed had everything I was looking for in terms of hardware.

We were about halfway to this place known as “Mechanicsville” when were were ambushed by Space Gnomes. They tried to steal the cargo, but were no match for the prowess of an Atorian Stormtrooper. We made it to the town and I met with Bastion’s associate Wibbley Klixon. I befriended the two of them and they liked my ideas on improving existing designs so much we decided to start a business together. I would “field test” the equipment while they managed the acquisition of new materials and frames for new power armor and vehicles.

With their help I’ll be able to maintain an arsenal to protect Her Ladyship and explore more of this world safely.

McGreggor Out.


Report #76

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