Report #77

Ancient Babylon and Hell on Earth

This is McGreggor Alistersaurus reporting on the Observe and Report Mission: Earth.

By the Six! For the past 6 months I’ve been trapped in this worlds past by almost 3,000 earth years! Not only that, but upon our arrival back, the world has gone to hell! Or maybe more accurately, hell has come to Earth!

After establishing the business model with Bastion and Wibbley, I set off to rejoin the group to investigate one of the mysterious weapons the Gods relinquished. Next thing I knew, we were standing in a desert in a place they call Babylon! Blast this infernal magic! With no technology in such a primitive atmosphere, I relied on my superior survival and combat training until we could secure a way home. The primitive “Gods” and their pointless machinations kept us from returning.

I did acquire a curious device in the form of a bracelet that allows me to seemingly bend space to move at an alarming rate. I’ll hold on to it until I can turn it in at my debriefing for further study. This primitive world would not have the capabilities that the Magnificent Atorian Empire would have as child’s toys.

Despite this travel, what is more disturbing the what I see before my eyes as I record this message. At certain “Places of Power” as they are called here, the Hell’s spill over in an unending wave playing a war of attrition with the natives and denizens of Earth. And it is not sustainable. To top it off, all the magic users are experiencing … peculiarities in behavior and thought. Even Trent, my Lady’s servant, is not acting himself as of late, displaying signs of paranoia. I’ll have to keep a close eye on him from now on, least he become more a threat than a boon.

In my absence not all has been amiss, however. Bastion and Wibbley have reformed Pyrewood into Pyrewood Industries and Operations, bought a full hanger in Mechanicsville, and have begun automation of the production line. Bastion has even assembled a company of Mercs to assist him on retrieval missions. Most are out on a mission, but one curious individual remains. Apparently Bastion found him in a status pod in a NEMA cache he uncovered. He claims he is from the world’s 20th Century and that he found a nice place to nap and woke up here… I find his story suspect, but he seems relatively harmless. I reminded Bastion of the madness affecting the magic users and to keep an eye one him.

In conclusion, it is clear to me that the Earth is unsuitable for subjugation, and preparations should be made for its obliteration. I shall do what I can to prevent the outbreak from spreading, but immediate assistance is required.

Observe and Report Mission Status: Complete

Annihilation of the Planet Earth

McGreggor out.


Report #77

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