Story - Trent - Change of Heart

Change of Heart

This story takes place during J.F.C.’s adventures in the Russian Faerie Carnival.


Trent stood in front of the carnival game, pondering the posted entrance fee. “Your most valuable posession” it said. As if to mirror his thoughts, one of the fey who were attending the attraction came over and said to him , in their oddly accented Dragonese, that the entrance fee was indeed the “anté up” of your most prized posession.

It only took Trent a moment to really contemplate what his most valuable posession was. He was in posession of an ancient, godslayer rune weapon. He was wearing a fine suit valued at almost one million credits. In his hands was a fractured staff which housed the essense of a time elemental. All these things, and more, were indeed very valuable.

Amu 33But none of them were what came to mind. Almost instinctively he reached for the talisman he always wore around his neck, and had managed to keep on his person ever since he was running around the Chi-Town ’Burbs with Jescha. Trent remembered then, how he presented two identical amulets to Jescha as a gift. He then worked with her to ensure that the amulet he gave her was filled with magical energy he provided from his own reserves, and that the one he would keep was filled with energy that she freely provided.

It was a symbol of a powerful emotion he had not-quite yet managed to bury. Though it only took a moment for Trent to react in this manner, the Fey’s eyes gleamed. He started trying to entice Trent to play the game, to spin this “wheel of fortune.” He even hinted at some of the fantastic prizes the wheel had to offer – several of which were very much to Trent’s liking. But the Fey were no theives, Trent was told. There were chances to win back your item if you didn’t like your prize, and you even had a chance to spin more than once if your first spin was a dud!

It all sounded too good to be true, but that seemed to be the theme here in the Russian Fairy Carnival. Trent considered walking away, but… Jescha had left him. She had left him to – by all accounts – give birth to his son. And never let Trent even know that she was pregnant. Now if Deevils were to be believed, she was being held prisoner in Dyval as “bait” to get him to come to them. And their son was in the hands of a terrible enemy. And she made no effort to avoid this fate despite her own impressive, accomplished abilities. With anger Trent ripped the amulet from around his neck.

“Here’s your entrance fee,” Trent said curtly to the Fey as he strode up to the device. “Let me have a turn to spin that wheel.”
Wheel of fortune

Story - Trent - Change of Heart

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