The Book of James 2

Before i go on further about calgery i should back up a little. first and foremost i would like to speak about my traveling partners trent and pall mall. The deacon while touched on briefly before wont really be expanded on as he didnt travel with me long enough to get to know him. Ill start with Trent.

Trent Logan is a temporal wizard(though at first i didnt know this). He can come off as a know it all and stuck up prick at times but hes an all round good guy. He has shown me in our travels that he can be trusted and can show trust as well. He has helped me many times. To this i guess hes the one person on this whole mad quest i would consider a friend.

The other person who i have been with since the start is Pall Mall….hes a fucking asshole! hes a shifter with nor morals! 3 times he has tried to sell me into slavery! i swear by my fathers blood one day i will slip apple between his ribs and smile with glee as he screams in pain!

So…as i said we ended up following an archfiend Baaz across what was once canada. The other had there reasons which i didnt understand. i had my own. Athena. My aunt had gone mad and left Olympus with an object of power. Zues had tasked me to follow her trail. the best way? follow Baaz since he seemed to be connected with it. I came to find out later that Zues had also dispatched both my father Apollo and Aries to track Athena. i would run into them in Calgary.

So back to the trail of Baaz. again tracked him to a xiticx hive..Kane had gotten there first and was making short work of them. I still cant figure out whos side hes on. anyways in the queens chamber we had met mumu. Mumu and me had something in common as we both where after an object of power. we compared note briefly before we where off again. it was at this point i started suspecting that each pantheon of the megaverse had one of these objects. but alas i was still so far in the dark i would need the light of a super rift to see my way through…which is where we had finally got too…namely the one at Calgary. i keep mentioning that name..should tell ya something.

The Book of James 2

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