The Chronicles of the Cosmos

Forge world by kithsakhai

The Chronicles of the Cosmos, or at least the Essential Truths, outline the foundation for the Cosmic Forge legend, but this is ancient history (literally!), and since then, a huge body of supplemental myth and legend have grown up around it. This new information is collectively referred to as the Mythos of the Forge.

The First Heresy: The Koreda Matrix

  • Discovered at the bottom of the Dead Sea
  • Protected by a giant Eye with tentacles
  • Koreda Minor/Koreda Matrix is a sentient mechanical/technological planet
  • Koreda Matrix proposes a complicated astrophysics question to those who discover it. If no answer can be achieved, it deems them unworthy of further communication
  • War between the Empire of Zeldun and the Thorov Hegemony cause the Koreda Matrix to vanish and along with it the majority of star systems in both empires
  • Occasionally in deep space, the planets that vanished re-appear as barren husks and sans their star sytems
  • Survivors of the Zeldun and Thorov who were not present in the systems at the time of the disappearance cannot remember or locate the space in which the systems used to be
  • Believers of the First Heresy are confident that the Koreda Matrix is actually the Cosmic Forge

The Third Heresy: Ranthall’s Star

  • Discovered at the bottom of a well in Grendel’s Mother’s Lair in Medieval Europe
  • Yellow dwarf star discovered by ancient human Astronomer named Ranthall who first visited it
  • Supported four planets (three with life, one sentient and space fairing known as the Ranthall Republic)
  • 87 years ago, star began showing signs of a harmonic disturbance
  • 1 year later, they embarked on a mission to penetrate the core of the star to take harmonic readings
  • Upon entering the star the expedition the star underwent a transformation into a ball of pure white energy, disintegrating the ship in the process
  • The Star then began to move, seemingly to the other side of Anvil Galaxy
  • Star originally projected to not come in contact with anything, until it accelerated to near light speed and curved its path
  • Collided with a world known as Hrase…but instead of destroying it, the “star” seemingly phased though it.
  • 1% of the population died during the “Intersection” and another 1% began to exhibit strange powers…similar to Cosmo Knights
  • Speculation ran wild that the Intersection with Ranthall’s Star was actually the Cosmic Forge
  • They believe the star will one day appear again and “choose” another planet to bestow powers upon
  • Non-believers hold that the star’s dimensional harmonic distortion was the simple cause
  • No one with powers has ever claimed to have been from Hrase and no proof exists to support otherwise

The Sixth Heresy – The Endless Eye

The Ninth Heresy The Forge Dream

The Chronicles of the Cosmos

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