The Demon City of New Calgary

New Calgary
Located where the Pre-Rifts city of Calgary lies in ruins, the Demon City of New Calgary was built up by Modeus as an extension of Hades upon Rifts Earth – permanently linked to Hades (as one of its six static exits) through the infamous Calgary Rift. The city became known as a haven for Demons and similarly-aligned beings. Heavy metal could be heard blaring across the city at any time of day or night. What passes for streets are usually filled with a mixture of bodies, garbage, feces, urine, blood, semen, and any other sort of fluid or solid you can imagine. Mortal beings within the city are typically slaves, but at best they can be second-class citizens, while at worst they are food. This seedy underbelly has become an interdimensional waypoint and stop-over (not unlike Splynn Dimensional Market or Center on Phase World) for travelers en route to their final other dimensional-destinations.

The Demon Rift of Calgary was ground zero not only for a recent nuclear explosion, but also for the start of the Minion War. The city itself has become a chaotic battlefield between Demons and Deevils, where their eons-long hatred for each other is resolved through bloody conflict and battle

Locations of note within the city itself are listed below:

  • The Valhalla
    A large tavern modeled after a typical Viking longhouse, this business is run by a Sowki who calls himself Thor, and who is aligned to one of the false Norse pantheons. The Valhalla is a popular place for beings to stay and more importantly, to gamble. The main attraction of the place is a huge arena where beings of all sorts come together to fight in gladatorial combat.The establishment offers a wide array of accommodations including (but not limited to) temporary lodging, room and board, companionship, slave-quarters, entertainment, and the arena. After the Cataclysm in New Calgary the building remains “mostly” intact and now harbors homeless D-Bee denizens and the dregs of demon-society. No-one has returned to own, operate, and rebuild The Valhalla…yet.
  • The Bite Club
    An underground fighting club/arena that is both unsanctioned and considered outlawed. The Bite Club is run by Schuyler Burden and he operates outside the jurisdiction of Dakkon Blackblade in New Calgary. The Bite Club is a front for arms, drugs, and slave-trafficking. The Bite Club has earned a reputation as the most brutal entertainment in Calgary and Schuyler has attracted even such celebrities as Ares and Mamers to his hidden arena. This secret establishment was hardly affected by the Cataclysm in New Calgary.
  • The Magic Guild
    A branch of the same magic guild which can be encountered in Freehold, Lazlo, and in many other places across the Megaverse. This shop is run by a Jewish Gnome named Olga. Although the Magic Guild strives to maintain its neutrality, this branch has, on rare occasion, temporarily harbored escaped slaves. Like all Magic Guild branch locations, magical materials, reagents, spell components, spells, and even Teleportation services are available for a fee. The Magic guild New Calgary branch location was almost destroyed in the Cataclysm of New Calgary due to its proximity to both the Demon Rift and the Nuclear Bomb. It also sustained heavy damage to its circle of travel.
  • Modeus’s Forge
    This blacksmith shop was run by a mutant Brek Shall Demon – a demon even more massive than its namesake, with an extended torso to accommodate a second set of arms, totaling four. He had been hand-picked to run it and elevated to Duke status by Modeus himself. The forges in back were manned by three valuable slaves: another Brek Shall demon, an Olympian Cyclops (a Disciple of Hephaestus), and an Elven Alchemist. Rumor has it that a former slave freed all three of the forge slaves, and that the Brek Shall Duke was so embarrassed he “up and abandoned his Modeus-given forge.” But such is the gossip of slave glory, and is unfit for discussion between civilized folk.
  • The Demon Rift
    A permanent rift at the heart of New Calgary, this rift could not be closed and was linked to no less than six different dimensions – one of which was Hades itself. After a nuclear bomb was detonated right below it, the rift imploded and exploded due to unknown mystic means, causing a significant Cataclysmic event and damage to the city of New Calgary. None of the ley line which fed this rift, nor the rift itself, exist in this dimension anymore.
  • The Deevil Rift
    In the sewers not ten feet beneath the Demon Rift, Deevils had created a rift of their own which led to their home dimension of Dyval. This allowed countless Deevils to infiltrate New Calgary and even more to gather unseen and unexpected, waiting for the signal to begin the Minion War. The goddess Athena bravely held back the tide of this invasion for more than a month before being killed there during the distraction of a nuclear bomb going off at her location. The Deevil Rift is all that remains now of the blast crater.
  • Boats ’n Hoes
    A brothel with six floors that caters to all tastes. It is possible to purchase one of the whores here from the Madam by paying off the whore’s debt to her, plus a nominal fee. Every room has a picture of a middle-aged human male in it who was the establishment’s previous owner. The current owner (the Madam) of this establishment is in league with a group of extra-dimensional refugees who used to be based out of the sixth floor, until the Cataclysm of New Calgary severed their dimensional tie.
  • Goblin Cattle Ranch
    A small cattle farm turned exotic mount-import. Jed runs a tight ship and can have as many as fifteen alien animals and monstrosities to meet all of your exotic horsemanship needs. On occasion, he even loans the beasts out to the brothel – but only on special rental orders, provided the beast returns intact.
  • The Slave Pens
    Located in a cavern underground, this is a holding area where slaves can be stored and picked up again later by their masters. A couple of dull demons guard it. It’s easy to locate, as one can find signs almost everywhere (written in Demogogian of course) which lead the way there.
  • Twats ’n Shots
    A dive-bar brothel that hosts up-and-coming metal bands and serves a mean glass of Black Maniels Pisskey, underTaker’s Mark, and Bonnie Stalker Black Label. Seedy, dirty, and filled to the brim with unsavory types. This is the REAL wretched hive of scum and villainy in New Calgary.
  • S&S Salvage
    A junkyard located near the Calgary Demon Rift run by an old man named Sanford. As beings which emerged from the Demon Rift were subdued and captured, the technological gear they had was typically destroyed, stripped from them and thrown aside. This discarded junk was periodically collected by Sanford and his sons and brought to the junkyard. This was done as a service to Modius, in order to keep the Demon Rift area free of this “useless crap,” but there was an ulterior motive: The junkyard was the headquarters for one of the resistance cells which sought to overthrow the Demon rule and free the mortal slaves. The nuclear bomb which was detonated in New Calgary was created by Sanford. Due to the Junkyard’s proximity to ground zero, the place was destroyed in the nuclear blast and subsequent Cataclysm.

The Demon City of New Calgary

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