The Magic Guild

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“The Magic Guild” is a multi-dimensional guild that has branch offices nearly everywhere throughout the Megaverse. Each branch functions like an independent “cell,” although guild membership is universal. Each guild branch is run by a different being who appears as a Jewish Gnome resembling Barbra Streisand. The guild has numerous branches across the Megaverse, including (but not limited to) Rifts Earth, All throughout The Three Galaxies (including Phase World and Seeron), Wormwood, The Palladium Fantasy World, and other places/dimensions not noted yet.

On Rifts Earth, notable Guild locations currently known are as follows:

North/Central America

  • Tolkeen, North America
  • Lazlo, North America
  • New Lazlo, North America
  • Stormspire (Federation of Magic), North America
  • New Calgary, North America
  • Dinosaur Swamp (Atlanta), North America
  • Tenochtitlan, Central America

Na magic guild locations map

South America

  • Nazca, South America
  • Cibola, South America
  • Freehold, South America

Sa magic guild locations map


  • Rama (Phoenix Empire), Africa


  • New Camelot, Europe
  • Koeln, NGR (Cologne), Europe
  • Minsk (under Warlord Seriyev), Belarus

Eu a magic guild locations map


  • A Coastal Horune Fishing Village, China

Asia magic guild locations map

The cost for annual guild membership is different for each member, and is determined by a variety of factors by the local guild (and GM whim). For one month out of every year each guild member is required to serve the guild within their capacity – they my do this at any guild branch of their choice.

Some of the perks of being a regular member of the guild and staying in good standing:

  • Teleportation Services: Each guild branch offers one-way teleportation services to other branches at a nominal fee of $50,000 credits per guild member. Non-members can also avail themselves of this service if accompanied by a member, but the cost for non-members is $200,000 credits. These prices were half the cost before the PPE Plague and its associated madness became so insidiously commonplace.
  • Library: Each guild has a library of information for research, though due to the “cell” nature of the guild this information is always local and not shared deliberately between other guild branches.
  • Scroll and Spell Services: Guild members can buy spell scrolls and learn spells for standard fees (as per the RUE magic section). Availability is based on who may be performing their monthly guild duties at the time – if there is no-one currently available, then the spells cannot be learned or purchased.
  • Networking: Members can come into contact with other members of the guild, and this provides an incredible source of information and a great source of camaraderie – especially during times like the Siege on Tolkeen, the Plague of P.P.E., the Minion War, etc..

The Magic Guild

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