This is simple; just a generic timeline of most of the major events the characters have experienced in the game so far. This is not meant to be a detailed timeline, instead it just focuses or highlight the major things which have advanced time for the characters. NPC actions aren’t necessarily included, just the PC actions. Time travel has started to “muddy” this a little bit.

July, 109 P.A.: A month before the LiH game began, and a month before the fall of Tolkeen. This was when J.F.C., on their way back from Medieval Europe using the Time Warp: Fast Forward spell, infiltrated and raided the Black Vault. Immediately following, J.F.C. decided to use the Time Warp: Fast Forward spell again to travel back to present day (Dec 31, 110 P.A.) while Zander elected to remain behind and live through that time in Arzno so as to investigate the magical artifacts. Trent made a secret deal with Zander to meet him in New Lazlo on April 1st, 110 P.A..

August, 109 P.A: Kingdom of Tolkeen falls. Trent, Pall Mall, & The Deacon venture into the city of Tolkeen to rescue trapped family members. The group encounters a temporal prison which advances them forward in time by 17 weeks.

December, 109 P.A.: Trent, Pall Mall, & The Deacon leave Tolkeen. They meet James in a refugee camp. Together they go north into Xiticix territory, which takes about a week. From there they travel to New Calgary, which also takes about another week. The Deacon parts ways with them just before entering the city proper. They’re only in Calgary itself for a day or two but what an impact they made! During their visit to the city the group meets first McGreggor, then Steve. After the events of Calgary the group goes to Lazlo, then splits for three months to attend their own personal business.

March, 110 P.A.: Trent, Pall Mall, James, McGreggor, & Steve re-convene in the newly-constructed Pall Mall Sanctuary to begin their formal investigation into the first Rune Artifact. A temporal portal opens and the five of them (plus two companions, for seven total) go through it and arrive thousands of years into the past, in Ancient Babylon. The group spends about six months in this time before finally finding their way home. The new temporal portal sends Pall Mall, James, McGreggor and one of the companions back to the present, but six months after they left.

March, 110 P.A. (still, or again): Trent, Steve and the other companion travel back to the present another way and arrive the moment after they “left.” From here Steve is sent back to his home-dimension at his request.

April 1st, 110 P.A.: This is the day Trent, traveling to the future from Medieval Europe, met with Zander in New Lazlo and turned over most of his possessions, “just in case” Trent couldn’t come back. Trent told Zander he was leaving this time and traveling to November of 110 P.A. in order to go to Dyval, while all our past selves were in the Faerie Carnival in Russia. In case things work out well, Trent makes sure he learns from Zander where he has been hiding out all this time, so that Trent knows where to go if he can come back.

September, 110 P.A.: Trent meets Pall Mall, James & McGreggor upon their return to where they left from, at the Pall Mall Sanctuary. They split for a little while, going their separate ways for a month in order to deal with personal matters which cropped up while they were away.

October, 110 P.A.: Trent, Pall Mall, James, McGreggor & Steve meet up again and begin to investigate major Ley Line nexus points around the world in order to deal with the plague of P.P.E.. The Chaos Generators at Stonehenge and at Windsor are destroyed.

November, 110 P.A.: Trent posts a letter exposing the Deevil corruption of P.P.E.. Trent, Pall Mall, James, McGreggor & Steve obtain the general location of three more of the greatest rune items through triangulation. New Calgary is destroyed again when the trapped energy of the ley lines, nexus and the dead goddess Athena is casually released all at once. Pall Mall has a personality swap and becomes Helldamn Spellshroud. The group then heads to Russia to look for the major nexus and Chaos Generator assumed to be there. They meet Rugar, get a vehicle and begin the long journey across Russia to reach the major nexus in or around Mongolia. James, Zander, Trent and Helldamn enter a strange moving portal that houses a Faerie Carnival. Rugar continues the long drive.

November of 110 P.A.: Sakura shows up at the door of Zander’s makeshift Observatory, in the old pre-rifts sate of Arizona (or was it New Mexico? I forget where Arzno is). After proving to Zander that she was sent there by Trent he accepts her – it probably also helped that he knew of her, because of having read her stories in the Codex of Souls.

December, 110 P.A.: James, Zander, Trent and Helldamn exit the strange moving portal after 2 days to find themselves on the border of Mongolia. A month has passed on the outside. In a day they arrive at the great nexus they searched for. There they encounter the mad demigod Rasputin amidst the Minion War which completely overruns the area. They defeat Rasputin, recover another Rune Artifact and destroy the Deevil Chaos Generator here. Their work done, they flee back to North America. One week later they investigate the Rune Artifact and the time portal this one creates sends them through time to the 14th Century, arriving in medieval Scandinavia. They spend about 5 weeks in the 14th Century and then return using the spell Time Warp: Fast Forward. Trent does not arrive with the group and instead goes to Dyval. Zander and Sakura physically travel from Arzno to the Pall Mall Sanctuarty to meet with Helldamn, James, Zelda and Sebastian on Dec 31, 110 P.A.. Helldamn reverts to Pall Mall, destroys the sanctuary, and disappears.

January, 111 P.A.: Sakura, Zander, James, Zelda and Sebastian travel to New Sea and witness James become king of the new godlings. James elects to stay in New Sea and rule while Sakura, Zander, Hawk, Zelda and Sebastian travel with Pyrewood Ops to Antarctica via Lemurian Whale. They arrive in Antarctica and begin looking for the third artifact (and McGreggor). They find McGreggor and a Dominator starship. A Dominator is awoken.

February, 111 P.A.: J.F.C. learns that 9 days passed during the two hours they were in the Dominator ship. They meet Orion and convince him to take out the Dominator. He convinces them to take out some Nazis.



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