Vigil of the Deacon

He sat in the town square for 6 days, saying nothing to no one. He did not eat nor drink during that time either. Just a sentinel standing vigil for what no one knew. It was on Day three that they began to arrive. Just one or two at a time — they would come and sit near him. All types of humans and D-Bees, all as silent as the stranger. By day 5, there were 10 in total,

On the sixth day, he rose.. A crowd of townsfolk took notice and began to watch, they had all but put the stranger out of their minds. He spoke to those sitting vigil with him, “You have been chosen by the Lord to serve a great purpose. A great evil has infested and imbedded itself in this land and has caused great suffering. We shall root it out of its stronghold and establish a Holy place in its stead for His Glory and Honor shall be preserved for all those who come after.”

He motioned for them to rise, “You shall be the Decanites. Go forth and for every man he shall recruit ten more faithful to serve under him. We shall reconvene here in Banff in one month with the faithful and build a holy site from which to launch our Holy War.”

Account of Silas Grey, resident of Banff

Vigil of the Deacon

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