WYWA James


- James returns home to find Diminutive Bubblefuzz, the giant cyclops rune smith, has been contacted by Zeus. The father of the Greek pantheon stopped by to bid James farewell. He is traveling on a one-way expedition to the Deep — to his brother, Poseidon’s home. There are secrets below the waves that have claimed his brother’s sanity. The pantheons have all fallen. He hasn’t had contact with ANY of the greek gods in months. He left James the Key to the locket. COMPLETED

- Erin Tarn has sent a note to James’s apartment / address in New Lazlo asking for a meeting and professing her trust and belief in his story. She wants to write a book chronicling his and his friends’ exploits and adventures. COMPLETED

- Inside James’s apartment a Scorpion Man is dead, rotting, strung up and hung from the ceiling — his blood and fluids are dripping out of the carcass and pooling onto the floor in an ever-widening puddle. He has a message from Orion, written on parchment, tucked into his waste-band: Thousands of years ago a boy came to my doorstep and took from me my greatest prize, the wild man / animal Enkidu. Your mother tells me that you weren’t even born yet and that it couldn’t possibly be you. If what Mamers tells me is true you should prove to be an even greater challenge than your mother. The Stalker is coming for you. – Orion COMPLETED

- The Bite Club in New Calgary is rebuilding and James receives a personal letter of invitation from Schuyler Burden to attend the inaugural grand re-opening. He wishes you well and wishes you to be in attendance and to fight…to bring in the spectators. He has a very special match-up for you that he thinks you’ll enjoy by the name of Phobos. COMPLETED

- Schuyler Burden has left a message at the Lazlo Magic Guild in the hopes that James will go there to check his mail. He offers James a minority-partnership as part business owner of the Bite Club. He explains that relocating to the burgeoning city of Seattle and completely abandoned all holdings in “Crater” is the only course of business-savvy action and acumen. He is confident that the super-nexus there and the raw, unrefined natural resources and frontier-like qualities of Seattle will draw even larger population than both Calgary and the New West combined. This time, getting in at the ground floor, will allow people like Schuyler and James and the new owner of the Valhalla (also being relocated he mentions), Sturm Brightblade, the opportunity to setup shop and setup a system of self-government and loosely-enforced law BEFORE the demons or deevils get wind. Schuyler is confident that with the Minion War fully under way they won’t notice the promise of Seattle until after men like Sturm and Schuyler and (hopefully) James dig their heels in. COMPLETED

- Phobos, the Renegade Godling, has left a missive for James at the Lazlo Magic Guild reminding him of his offer. He also claims that he and James are two of the last able-bodied god-like beings in their pantheon and informs James that he has gone on a rigorous campaign to setup temples and shrines devoted to his worship. He spends his spare time actually fulfilling god-like requests and reinforcing his worship. Phobos claims to have enjoyed increased power from this transition and urges James to seek him out in Seattle as he intends to rebuild Olympus in a NEW IMAGE. The Sky Knights and Cloud Knights, despite his aberrant nature, have welcomed him and shared their knowledge of Cloud Cities…after he made the extremely generous donation of a James-Phobos Arena Death-Pose Autographed Mural and a few hundred million credits he stole from the coffers at Mt. Olympus before the dimension collapsed. As a post-script he claims to have heard vital information on the whereabouts of James’s mother and Orion being holed up in Antarctica — supposedly waiting for something crazy to happen.

As a Post-Post-Script Phobos admonishes James with a heartfelt warning: My brother, we are two of the last of our kind. The Pantheon is dissolved and enemies of our fathers, sisters, and brothers linger still. Our power will grow in time, I can assure you that, but you are fragile and you will never be safe. Mark my words well for they will save your life. The enemies of the Greek Pantheon are many and none would spare a second thought for eliminating a potential future threat before it grows and matures and becomes a true force to be reckoned with. As a corollary to this — we might think about doing the same thing. If we eliminate our enemies now, while the gods are gone, and their godlings are young and weak…we will avoid having to face them in the future. Think on my words — we were once enemies but we may now have only each other. If there are ANY Greek Progeny of the Gods left we must seek them out and rescue them…warn them and join with them before they are summarily eliminated. Be well, Prince James, the Pantheon is ours.

- Schuyler Burden has complete construction of the new Bite Club Arena with James the God of Last Resorts as his official mascot. He needs James to make a few public appearances at the inauguration and sign some autographs and be his OPENING NIGHT FIGHT. The Headliner for the new establishment will be televised across the World (just Rifts Earth for now). COMPLETE

The World is itching to see what happens to the Greek Pantheon now that the gods have disappeared. All of the lesser deities who are left are chomping at the bit to see who makes a bid for power as the leader of the pantheon. James will be facing off against Clytemnestra, a gorgeous femme fatale from Ancient Greece. She claims to be a Godling — Offspring of the King and Queen of Sparta Tyndareus and Leda (though it is rumored that Zeus took the form of a Swan and impregnated Leda unknowingly). Clytemnestra has a small but rabid following of die-hard fans. She wields the Rune weapon known as Praxidikai, a double-bladed axe, and a Rune shield known as Aei Parthenous. The stakes are more than just glory to the winner and figurehead of the Arena. The duel is to the death. Resurrection will be automatically granted to the loser to fulfill his or her end of the agreement. COMPLETED

If James wins Clytemnestra will accede to his battle prowess and martial superiority — she will admit he is her better, publicly and for all the World to see. She will marry him, support his place in the New Greek pantheon, and give him powerful godling children to ensure his legacy continues. As a measure of her word and honor she will bequeath to him her Rune Sword and Shield – descendents from the Greek Furies themselves.

If Clytemnestra wins James will step down from his place at Phobos’s side, step down from his ownership of the Bite Club Arena, and pledge himself to Clytemnestra in her bid to be the Queen of the New Greek pantheon. As a loser in martial combat he will not be fit to provide her with offspring but he will support her choice to secure her legacy. James will bequeath his Rune Sword, Appolyestes, to Clytemnestra. COMPLETED

- James gets a letter from Erin Tarn stating that she is eager to see his next installment of the Black Box recording device. COMPLETED

- James gets a letter from Diminutive stating that he has found the Forge of Vulcanus on Palladium and that he cannot return to Rifts Earth. He has felt a greater calling to stoke the flames of the forge and begin creating Rune weapons. He asks that if James should encounter the Elf known as Tyvernos Oriflamme or anyone who has knowledge of these magics that he should contact Diminutive Bubblefuzz. He doesn’t leave an address or a location of the Forge but he says you can leave a message for him at the Gold Coast Trading Company in the Floenry Isles on Palladium. Best of luck my friend!

- James gets a letter from his landlord complaining that he’s late on his rent and that if he doesn’t want to be evicted he better get him the rent money A.S.A.P. COMPLETED

- James is visited by a strange presence in his dreams for seven nights in a row. It reaches out to him in the hopes of making a connection with this world and bonding with New Seattle in much the same was as the Psynex entity has bonded with and become a part of Psyscape. It feels that such a relationship will be mutually beneficial for the safety and growth of the city. COMPLETED

- After a successful save vs psionics on the 8th night James is visited and he experiences an Aristotelian Lucid Dreaming sequence where he actually converses with the Alien Intelligence. The next day James is greeted by a man claiming to be Achilles. COMPLETED

WYWA James

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