- When McGreggor returns to Rifts Earth his friends Wibbly and Bastion are eagerly awaiting his arrival in Mechanicsville. They were able to pool their resources and strike out on their own with a small inventory and a small but regular clientele. Their services are highly sought-after and they are making enough money to grow the business. COMPLETED

- Bastion has branched out by buying blueprints for a few popular Triax power armor models and a couple of Northern Gun knock-offs. With these blueprints Wibbly can start building and even customizing any common armor / module / weapon. (Pick five PA / robot models with availability: common) COMPLETED

- Wibbly and Bastion are ecstatic and eager to examine the antimatter helmet and begin conceptualizing a new design. All they need is a little direction from McGreggor as to how and where it should be applied (spacecraft engine core, robotics, power armor, weaponry, defense / force-field, etc.) COMPLETED

- Pyrewood Operations, McGreggor’s old mercenary gang, or what is left of them has a very minor presence in Mechanicsville. They have setup shop taking contract work and being employed as hired guns and body-guards for merchants and caravans. There are only a handful left and maybe two or three people from the original team out in Boise. They know nothing of McGreggor’s business (need a name) or his affiliation with Wibbley and Bastion. COMPLETED

- The Evil Ahriman Power Armor has begun to sway McGreggor to its evil nature. Examine effects of alignment switch / possession more closely. On the positive side the suit has become a part of the pilot like a symbiotic organism and McGreggor enjoys all the incredible piloting and combat bonuses of an ACE pilot.

- A space capsule from the Atorian empire reaches earth and begins to pulse with the faint rhythmic beat of a homing beacon. The transponder built into McGreggor’s anti-grav harness responds accordingly and makes him immediately aware of its emergence. It appears to be located somewhere in the southernmost region of the southern hemisphere — possibly Antarctica.


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