WYWA Pall Mall

Pall Mall

- Upon his return to Rifts Earth Pall Mall is treated to multiple developments within his ranks of employees and minions. The Minion War is well under way and the MEGAVERSE IS IN FUCKING FLAMES. COMPLETED

- Gimbly explains that the Sword turned ethereal after the portal closed behind the party and it hung there, suspended in mid-air, where it remained for the last six months until today…when they returned. COMPLETED

- The Codex of Souls was dropped off in a dimensional pocket by Odin to Pall Mall’s sanctuary dressed in the guise of a mysterious old man with a gray cloak and an eye-patch with a note explaining that the situation is dire. The note implores Pall Mall and his group of companions to continue hunting down these ancient rune artifacts and combating the plagues. Odin also tells how he has unraveled the true mysteries of the Codex and hidden within its complexities is the confirmation that secret spell knowledge thought to have been lost HAS BEEN HIDDEN DELIBERATELY. The arts of Soulmancy, Cannibalism, and Blood Magic are integral to stopping this minion war. He tells you that the Codex of Souls will be safer with Pall Mall than with Odin. He also says that Asgard is completely lost – it was overrun months ago and that all the gods have either fled, died, or are lost with maddening insanity. He is going off to investigate lost spell knowledge that he believes the Prometheans have purposefully HIDDEN from the MEGAVERSE (these are spells in Fleets of 3 Galaxies, Dimension Builder, Blade Law, and Rifter #15, etc.) Also in the note is an explicit direction: Now, more than ever, you are no longer my servant but my ally. Should the opportunity present itself to Crucify yourself upon Yggdrasil – do not hesitate! Should the opportunity present itself to touch the Portal at Atlantis – do not hesitate! Best of luck my friend. Perhaps, one day, we will meet again in Valhalla. – One-Eye. COMPLETED

- Also in the dimensional pocket are two scrolls written in the hand of the All-Father. Lore Magic rolls may be made at -30 percent. Scroll conversion may be attempted at -20 and -10 percent respectively – only two chances. The spells are forgotten magical knowledge that have little known record in the Megaverse. COMPLETED

- Bloodstone left and never returned, finally made his MA save. The lava in Pall Mall’s inner sanctum occasionally bubbles and burps angrily and reminds Gimbly that Bloodstone and his giant Mama Lava are out there somewhere. COMPLETED

- Brigitte left with Odin when he arrived to drop off the codex with a promise to return one day. She felt a higher calling to go with her patron and god and promised Pall Mall that she would come if he should ever need her he have but to “call” and she leaves him her true name…written on Odin’s parchment. COMPLETED

- Badmorda has been antsy and disobedient and not managing the house-slaves. She wandered off promising Gimbly and Diminutive that she would return when she was needed but that right now she really didn’t feel very needed. She also mentioned that since the Minion War had started she was really eager to do some reconnaissance back in Hades and get the latest info and news and happenings. COMPLETED

- The Naked Man becomes the RCC Living Rune Weapon @ level 1 and joins the party as a sort of divining rod for others of his kind. He can be used by anyone with the proper alignment (diabolical — any evil) and WP sword. His amnesia is basically gone but he CANNOT remember certain things — like his mind has been WIPED or intentionally tampered with memories. COMPLETED

- The Valhalla establishment is still without an owner / proprietor and a missive is sent to Pall Mall by a Sturm Brightblade. The letter says: Valhalla once resplendent and deserving of its namesake’s glory now lies in ruin..abandoned. I have heard of your exploits here in New Calgary, especially those involving not one but two Metzlas, a goblin rancher, the former proprietor, and your demigod slave (impressive to say the least). I have even heard tell of your assault on my brother’s compound and the rescue of your beautiful Asgardian charge. I am told that you wield Annihilation with an iron fist and if that doesn’t get the job done then a thermonuclear device is always within reach. I would beseech you to take up this mantle and restore the establishment to the splendor and majesty it deserves. A fair profit is waiting to be turned and eyes and ears in the demons’ city are priceless. Business keeps my brother away — the red dimension calls — but I would be your silent partner on this if you will have me. — very truly yours, Sturm. COMPLETED

- Examination of the Cthulhu tentacles churns the stomach and forces you to vomit. They wither and decay and shrivel up into spongy water-balloons and eventually burst. Before doing so, however, a whisper in your mind, “we are chaos…chaos is strong.” COMPLETED

WYWA Pall Mall

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