WYWA Zander


- Order of the White Rose sends Zander a letter that ends up in the Lazlo Magic Guild asking him for his help and asking him to return there as soon as possible as they have information they think is vital to him in his “unique” situation and they are eager to repay him for his help and contributions. Upon further inspection the Order of the White Rose is closely linked with another highly clandestine secret order called C.H.A.O.S. (Celestial Harbingers and Avengers of Absolute Order and Serenity — this last “S” is sometimes replaced with Salvation). The information they have to divulge isn’t safe for a missive and the complete contents of this update MUST be conveyed in-person. The Celestial Harbingers are made up of “eternal” dragons that reincarnate into the world when they are needed to preserve the cosmic balance and to fight the encroaching chaos. A warning has been issued. Something dire is coming soon. The Harbingers have begun to reincarnate and emerge. They believe one such Harbinger is the “fledgling” dragon hatchling Zander knows as Jatarri Windstalker. COMPLETED

- Kiku Chromium reincarnated Dragon of the Falling Silver Star reaches out to Zander through a letter from the “student” name of her Twin Sister, Jatarri Windstalker, reincarnated Dragon of the Rising Red Sun, she is a part of an ancient order of protectors who is reborn and injected into the Megaverse only in times of great need…and peril. The Cosmic Harbingers of Absolute Order and Serenity. (CHAOS) She explains NOTHING in the missive and instead seeks a personal audience where she can explain why she took her Sister’s name. She doesn’t know yet if she is the first to reincarnate but she does know that she and the others will be hunted down like vermin — like dogs — if they re-emerge without some semblance of protection. By taking her Sister’s name she believes she has shifted some of the scrutiny off of the young woman when she finally does reappear. She has much to explain and will have even MORESO as the memories continue to flood back into her with each passing level of experience. She professes to have felt a cosmic connection with the transcendental hippy and his gas mask. She believes that he has not just goodness in him but balance…healthy balance…and she trusts Zander. A commodity that is very rare these days because she knows that she is supposed to trust NO ONE. COMPLETED


- The Shurikens are recovered from their burial plot. When Zander retrieves them and holds them he feels magic course through him and he is newly aware that these are instruments that are aligned to the Neutrality of Taoism. When they are combined, and meditated upon will summon an Avatar of the Ninjas of the Balance – a force outside the traditional boundaries of cosmic order and chaos. Their creation is odd and unlike traditional Rune weapons. The Shurikens can be studied and researched and uncover a forging method known as Arcanite Electrocution. The Glyphs on these shurikens are crude and primal and Engraved with Arcanite. Glyph Engraving is considered a mythological rumor — the only information said to be found harbored within the Library of Bletherad.

- The Order of the White Rose reach out to Zander with a letter at the Magic Guild. The letter is a message that he should take the utmost care and secrecy. Members of the Order are being hunted down and killed one…by…one. The Great Central Park is on lock-down. No one is allowed in or out except the Senior Knights and those on important undercover missions. The ranks are thinning and everyone is worried. P.S. After your incredible work with the beast, Cujo, it appears to have calmed considerably and approached the Order’s Bastion in Central Park. The dog isn’t aggressive anymore but it whines and calls out and it’s almost like the poor beast is cocking its head to the side and listening to music…to some far off tune that only Cujo can hear. It cries at night and howls itself to sleep. If you should find it safe and an opportunity to return we would ask that you look into soothing the poor animal. We’ve never seen anything like this.

- Call of Cthulhu Plushie, Albatross Sperm, and Writ of Sea Inquisition

- Letter from “Jatarri” (Kikku): She has found her sister recently emerged and BORN from a Dragon Egg out in the Middle East — an area once known as the Holy Land. Jatarri, the REAL Jatarri, claims to have gained “awareness” a thousand years ago but been unable to free herself from the Dream of the Dragon Egg until recently. She dreamed of a Demon with horns, a red string bracelet, a portal of chaos, and a man wearing a knight’s armor, blue cloak, and gas mask. This dream dominated her consciousness for the last thousand years and now that she has awoken and broken free she is on a mission to find the man from her dream. Her strength is returning but she feels it is significant that she was incubating for so long. I do not know what this means but I have told my sister that I know the blue cloaked figure. I told her that I felt drawn to you somehow and that we can trust you. There is so much beyond my scope of knowledge. How do they say it in Lazlo? Above my “pay grade?”

I miss your tutelage, the classes you taught, my time spent at the Magic Guild…all of it. I feel as though the World…the Megaverse is moving so quickly…spinning out of control. It’s so disorienting! I know we are a part of an ancient order of protectors who is reborn and injected into the Megaverse. The Promethean, Aleph Prime, is our guide but it seems that even he is at a loss. I want desperately to fight the good fight — to triumph over evil…or is it chaos? I am a tool. I am a weapon to be pointed in a direction and swung. Weapons don’t have a mind of their own.

Be well!

Your friend,


- Letter from the Lazlo Historical Society asking Zander to come pick up a package from the Museum of Earth’s Ancient History. They aren’t sure how the delivery got mixed up but your package ended up sitting on one of their shipping and receiving shelves for…a long time. In fact, no one knows when it actually arrived but the packaging is rotted with decrepitude. They apologize profusely for the inconvenience and wish you to have two complementary tickets to the Museum’s newest exhibit opening gala.

- The book is a Tanakh of Rabbinic Literature and the Hebrew Bible. It is a collection of the Torah, Nevi’im, and Ketuvim, and Talmudic Teachings. The book is inscribed: Preservation is Balance. Order and Chaos are a Duality of One. Good and Evil are a Singularity of Two. Kismet sends his best wishes and fondest farewells.



WYWA Zander

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